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Will I Get Comfy Again?

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Had my mod for a few days now (used to ride stock but thought I'd try a change) and it feels so weird to me, can't seem to get comfortable riding it at all, in a weird way it kind of feels loose.

Is this pretty normal and something I'll get used to/passed, or is it a case of I will only be comfortable on a stock?

Not been very long so going to continue to ride to see if I do become comfortable, but no point if it's quite common for someone to only be comfortable on one size of bike...

Peoples thought?

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Compared to stocks/ 24"s, mods will always feel kinda sloppy to ride. You'll get used to it though (Y)

Should it feel so uncomfortable though?

I mean I'll be the first to say I'm shit, I'm a complete novice, but even just riding round normal flat ground it feels really really weird...

Like the bike feels loose, I know it's not though everything has been checked.

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Give it a couple of weeks and it will start to feel normal. I think you have to continually ride both for one not to feel abnormal. (Y)

The handlebars and stem can make quite a bit of difference too.

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