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A Few Pic's Of Me And My Bike


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After putting my new fork's and stem on, and messing with rear brake only to find it's not going to work untill I have a new rim.. So went out brakeless, its so much more fun you either do something right or don't bother. And when you do get it right it's sooo smooth!! Anyway's here's some piccy's :)


New spot we found :)


Jim being clever...


My bike looking all nice..




more moonrock's


got quite high up...



Jim and my bike


one more of my bike for luck :)

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if you had a helmet, you wouldn't need luck.

Jim - "I've got helmet I just wear my hair on the outside.. Also if you want to donate your's I would be very grateful(not the hair the helmet), but thank you for caring..."

Plus he's too smooth to need luck or a helmet in my opinion anyway.. Where as I need full body armour :P

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