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BMX headsets


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If it's not integrated or internal I can't see why not.

Might be worth dropping them an e-mail and seeing if they'll help out with returning the Stolen headset/switching it for the Blank one seeing as they gave you the incorrect advice in the first place?

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I emailed chain reaction yesterday and today they said that they changed the answer to question, but have completely ignored the fact that I only bought the headset because they said it would fit (I sent them email just there asking for a refund). In the same email, they recommended some headsets that were 34mm diameter, which they said was standard, but most of them seemed to be MTB headsets, but I don't know I haven't checked out yet, the blank 1 1/8 wasn't mentioned. Now, because I no longer trust the CRC staff I'm asking here, would these fit? One more thing is I measured the headtube with a digital vernier it was 41.2. These are all the headsets they recommended:

Octane One Warp 1 Sealed Headset 2013

FSA Pig DH Pro Headset

FSA Orbit UF Ball - Cartridge Headset

NC-17 Imperator Pro Headset 2014

Cane Creek 40-Series EC34 Conventional Headset

FSA Orbit MX Headset

Hope Conventional Headset

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