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Inspired Fourplay chill edit.


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Hey all! Just recieved my Inspired Fourplay Pro from Wallstreetbikes.

My mate picked up his camera and we started filming some bits for a video we both hoped would turn out bettet than this. This all was filmed in around 4 hours and just a few few hours after this it started snowing, and it's going to stay untill the spring is here for sure... So we decided to get something out instead of just putting the project on ice.

I know Euan has the same song, but I where pretty much finished with the edit when I realised it and I couldn't get anything to fit as good, since it was still going to be a chill edit. And the video was also edited 'around' the song, if that makes sense haha.

I hope you enjoy the video somewhat, and please leave a comment or something :)


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alright, no problem, I am just a the age, when I get manlier, but I still feel like a child and it is scary :D

Anyway, how many times do you ride a week usually?

Yeah haha I definetely see what you mean ;)

Ehm, this was my first proper ride in 1,5 months as said, but usually like 2-4 times depending on weather and homework etc! How come?

Nice vid mate

Cheers man! :)

Your manuals are mad, always think you're gonna loop out haha. Nice! Euans was good but got bored of his after a minute or so, not sure why.

Hahah how come? Thanks! Yeah I sort of agree... I was really scared that people would get bored of my video aswell, so if anyone gets bored please let me know :)

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You look good on that bike-Stick at it-video was great will (Y)

Cheers Dave! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Really enjoyed that and after all the talk deciding on the bike you look really happy with it

Cheers :) Yeah haha I love it! Just made riding more 'fun'. Those Avid brakes where actually really good, very similar to hope's :)

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