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Dressler Camp 014


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I haven't been to Radfest so I couldn't really say event-to-event, but yeah, it's basically a field in the middle of nowhere so you're stuck on site realistically.

The Euro is seemingly fairly similar in value to Sterling so I'd imagine you'll still do well out of it (Y)

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Our beloved national bank weakened czech currency to support czech companies oriented mainly on export.

So now GBP and EUR is about 10% more expensive for us, but it will work well for you ;)

Spending one week at Dressler Camp in Czech will be definitely much cheaper than staying in UK or Ireland :D

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Sorry for such a long silence. Start of the season was very busy.

Dressler Camp 014 is approaching and we are looking for riders from abroad.

The crew from Denmark will be a bit bigger this year, Romanians are getting their cars ready for the trip and Israeli boys are coming again as well.

Vincent Hermance has his air ticket already booked and we are still negotiating with few other big names.

Anyone from UK coming this year?

We'll be pleased to arrange your pick up at Prague airport if you decide to come by air. Air tickets are not so expensive and the event is definitely worth of it ;)

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