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Stem advice 24'' pure trials


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So I've built up my Because Simple Trials bike and have opted for a 150x25° stem and a Tensile 99 bar. Now I went out yesterday with a couple of experienced guys and they told me that I should get a higher (and longer) stem.

The reason they told me is that on the rear wheel I'm not straight enough and my elbows aren't in a 90° angle (more like 110° or sth.). I also feel as if I'm pulled down to the front whenever I'm on the rear-wheel.

Now I tried a guys bike (26'') that had a longer and steeper stem and it felt more secure on the back (I know that it might be only the different geometry of this bike).

Anyways, I narrowed it down to 2 stems. The Trialtech 165x35° and the Echo TR 170x30° but am uncertain. Here's the comparison of the two with the current one:


Comparison of the two:
Any suggestions?
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I ran a 150mm x 35° on my 24 which was about +60 with 30mm of stackers.

Have you tried just changing the bar angle?

I have. It doesn't feel much different.

Trialtech stems are sound. The onza is the exact same but cheaper. Worth considering.

What's the geo of the frame again?

Head angle :72°



Chain stays:367MM

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I'm running a 165mm x 35° stem with a VIz 720mm bar on my Echo 24", I think its just about right. Going to a 150mm x 32° K2 stem with Trialtech high rise bars soon so it shouldn't be far off the same, will have room for a few stackers if needs be.

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Here's a video of myself doing some BWHs. Maybe you could tell me if a longer and steeper stem would help at all. :D Beware, I'm a beginner (half a year) and don't know very much and it might just be the lack of technique, rather than a different stem.


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