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Integrated headset / frame troubles.


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Hey guys.

Got a question for those of you who have a bit of experience with integrated headsets as it's the first time I need to install one; I just want to double check something before I return the frame once again.

A new frame I bought required the use of a tapered 42/52 integrated headset. This in itself was no issue, however, when I came to install the upper bearing it just wouldn't seat correctly.

When the bearing is put in it would sit proud of the headtube and is only tight in 2 spots. In the image below the tight spots are where the arrows are. You can see there is actually a gap at the back and a less noticeable one at the front, this seems to allow the bearing to pivot around those two tight points. This meant the bearing just wouldn't seat correctly.

When this happened on the first frame I measured the headtube and it seemed to be quite out of round, the widest point was ~.8mm larger than shown in the documentation on standards. As a result I returned that frame and asked for a replacement. The replacement has now arrived and it looks like the same thing is happening.

Is there anything I'm missing here and just being a daft twat or is it straight up shit QC on the manufacturers part?


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Usually integrated headset bearing don't sit proud to the headtube to leave a few mm space for the crown race and top bearing race. Try persuading the bearing home with a few light taps with a hammer to try and get it seated. Also from the photo it looks like you put the bearing in dry, take it out and grease it before putting it in. This will stop the headset from creaking when the bike is built up.

I hope this helps.

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You'd be hard pushed to find a shop who could reem that i suspect. Integrated + Ti = urgh!

It's early (for me and my jobless life), so forgive me if i read that wrong, twice.

The bearings sits wrong cause of ovalised tube? Loads of grease, headtube press it in. It shouldn't matter if it's sitting out of the headtube slightly. But if the fit is too tight, no point, it'll damage the bearing.

If you want to keep the frame. You could compress the opposite curve of the headtube, spreading the tight area. But talk about dodge/ bodge.

You could also run a slit down the headtube, again dodge/ bodge.

Send that shit back. Chineese Ti sounds sketchy enough. How much was it btw? Do they have an external model, that'll be ALOT easier to fix :)

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