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  1. I'm a big fan of Mrs Brown's Boys.
  2. Usually integrated headset bearing don't sit proud to the headtube to leave a few mm space for the crown race and top bearing race. Try persuading the bearing home with a few light taps with a hammer to try and get it seated. Also from the photo it looks like you put the bearing in dry, take it out and grease it before putting it in. This will stop the headset from creaking when the bike is built up. I hope this helps.
  3. I do find this slightly humorous, although it is getting annoying. Shercofray Know's who I am, ! rode a few moto trial competitions with him a few years back. We both used to ride Sherco's, he used to ride the hard course and he was pretty good at it too.
  4. You lot can think what you want. I'll be kicking around at the trials jam anyway .
  5. This is a true point. If any of you are attending the Freewheel Jam in June, You'll have chance to meet me, I'll have a T-shirt on with my name on the back.
  6. My mother named me John, I could write than on a piece of paper as that's my name
  7. It's getting really annoying how everyone thinks this is Brad! My name is John, I'm an electrical Inspector for a local electrical company!
  8. Sorry Trials-Forum, but I needed somewhere to release my anger. It was a standard Saturday morning; at least that's what I thought. I woke up to the depressing sound of my alarm, which I managed to snooze four times. Already late for work, I swiftly got out of bed and scrabbled to the bathroom; being extra careful not to wake the wife up, to my despair I realised I was out of toothpaste. I quickly got dressed to go to the shop to grab a tube of pearl drops. As I walked down my path to the street where my car is parked I noticed my front near side tyre was down. I got out the car lighter air compressor and began to inflate the tyre, not realising how much noise I was making. I finally got the tyre inflated, and drove down to the supermarket. I grabbed a tube of toothpaste and made a swift exit after paying of course. As I got bad to the house I unlocked the front door to me greeted by the Mrs, with a face like thunder, she then went on to give me an earful of how much of an inconsiderate ar*ehole I am for waking her up after she had been on a night shift, I ran up to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and then made a dash to downstairs and out of the door, apologizing to Sue on the way out. Without time for breakfast or a cuppa I set off for my drive to work. 45 minutes into my journey down the A1 I found myself stuck behind a guy in an brand new Audi A6 who was hogging the middle lane, I flashed him to move out of the way as he was driving at 60MPH on a 70 road, yet he carried on in the middle lane. I spied a break in the traffic and pulled into the right hand lane for the over take, as I got beside him, I was confronted my the fattest bloke I've ever had the pleasure to set eyes on, he then turned to face me and made an inappropriate hand gesture before flooring it. I pulled back into the middle lane and the Audi slowed back down to 60MPH and proceeded to brake check me . I don't cope well in situations like this. All my anger boiled up so I tail gated him and then down shifted and when for the overtake once again. As I got beside him, the d*ckhead floored it again so I pulled back into the middle lane and he had slowed down to 60MPH. This kept happening for 15 Miles until exited onto the M18 to my delight! Anyway I managed to get to work only 15 minutes late and the rest of the day went considerably well until I got back home. I walked through the front door and into the living room, and turned on my laptop to submit my work. To my disbelief the laptop wouldn't turn on. I took the laptop to a computer shop to get looked at, where he told me it was time for a new one! Anyway I managed to borrow a laptop from my nephew and started to submit my work, as I got to the last load of information to submit the software crashed and had to do the lot all over again! My day was bad!
  9. The place you're riding looks like my worst nightmare; so many angles.
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    2. Martin Reynolds

      Martin Reynolds

      Just my opinion really. If i was selling racelines, id make sure everyone could see the logos. The yellow on the lever body seems a bit brighter than the slaves (and not just cleaner)

    3. dann2707


      Doesn't say anywhere that they are racelines on th ad though

    4. Martin Reynolds
  10. Get the Deore, you won't regret it. From new they do need the hose shortening and a decent bleed (For some reason the factory bleeds are spongy) and you may need to grease the back of the pads because they do make a cracking noise when they lock up.
  11. I tried to arrange this an event here a few weeks back. Rosa invited me down to speak with her regarding holding the event. After an hour of waiting around, she asked a bloke to speak to me about the event, he replied with oh i can't i'm busy. Quite frankly i thought that was really rude of him so i walked out without speaking to either of them.
  12. The guy on the 20" has so much style!
  13. Hi, thanks for the query, please feel free to email with any suggestions. I like the idea of outside obstacles, so this is a possibility. Please keep any suggestions coming.
  14. Good evening all. We are currently in the final stages of the planning of our riding event. This is the official thread and we will be posting regular updates. Feel free to ask any questions. Many Thanks: John.