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Inspired Hex “build” thread


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When I look back at the bikes I’ve had over the years, the one that I have always regretted selling was my first hex back in around 2014/5. I find them to be the perfect balance between pure trials and street trials.. I particularly like the magura model as I do love the reassurance of the honk. 

After scouring the web, finding next to nothing aside a hex in Denmark and a frame kit in the USA I was going to give in to the shipping costs on one or the other.. until I did a final eBay check and one had literally popped up 30 seconds down the road! 

Fair to say the initial Rasta theme wasn’t for me… I’ll post photos of progress so far below. I am absolutely loving this bike.




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She’s back from the powder coaters and looking purrrdy. Put some decals on to try make it look as close to legit as possible. Few other changes:


- king headset

- hashtagg lever

- more titanium bolts 


I’m now eyeing up either building a matching front pro 4 wheel, or possibly going mental and getting i9 hydras and new rims. Still need to cut the steerer also.




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