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Adam 'The Tart' Read's story on Gnarrative.com

Duncy H

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So a few of you may be aware of this one particular chap. On Gnarrative.com I try and document the unsung and rad folk's stories of the biking world. 

Adam has an uncanny knack for delving into anything mechanical and coming out the other end with an amazing level of expertise and knowledge. One of those delves just so happened to lead to the creation of Tartybikes, the go to shop for trials parts and knowledge and a yardstick by which all others should be measured.

Grab a brew, this one is a long and fascinating read...


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That was a really good read @AdamR28!

For the record, I was / will always be grateful for the support you gave me through TartyBikes and I'd hazard a guess that most of the riders you've supported will have been.

I would also add that you've done more for trials than most could ever imagine so thanks for everything!!


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Thanks Duncan, for taking the time to stick this up, and putting up with my hideous delays in responding!

Ben, I'm glad you found it interesting. A couple of others have been in touch separately to say the same, so that's really warming.

Peeps: be sure to check out some of the other articles on the site, written by some actually rad dudes :laugh:

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I can't believe I did not read that earlier. Thanks @Duncy Hfor this incredible document. 

Thanks so much to Adam. So many people helped through the years with trials it's crazy. I learned so much things from you and the most important thing is how to keep being curious and imaginative.

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