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Could someone suggest some Improving Techniques for Trials Riding


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I have been diving deeper into trials riding lately and I am hitting a bit of a plateau with my progress. Specifically, I'm struggling with perfecting my technique on certain obstacles, particularly bunny hops and side hops. No matter how much I practice, I can't seem to get the height and precision I'm aiming for.

I have watched countless tutorials and tried to emulate the techniques of more experienced riders, but I'm still not quite there. Are there any specific drills or exercises you recommend for honing these skills? Or perhaps some common mistakes to avoid that might be holding me back?

I also check this https://www.trials-forum.co.uk/topic/171659-your-complete-guide-to-trials-riding-augmentedsnowflakeriding-augmented/


Thanks a bunch for your help!

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If its bunny hops up stuff, like walls, instead of trying to hop higher, keep with the height you can currently do, but try and throw in a manual upon landing.

Once you're comfortably landing that height in a manual, go back to trying to hop higher again. 👌

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