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Is This A Virus?


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Just been reading DJ,s guest book,

Annoyed some idiots advertising their site ,(last one added).

I started reading the others and the word home in every entry is a link to a debt site >_<

Look at entry 1143

Is it my comp or is it the same for any of you?

This is the page..


Tom and Danny are not on to ask.

Might be my comp.

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I don,t get it that link in the last one,is the same site i go to when i click on ,home, in the otheer entries >_<

on entry 1143

My heart’s so full of anger and hate at the moment, I don’t like that feeling. A part of me feels like I need to grieve properly for u but I cant because it hasn’t sunk in yet. I’m still hanging on to the hope that I have left that you’re going to come back home and live life the way u told me u had it planned out for yourself and em.

if i click on the home in that i go to that debt site

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Thats well out of order.

I have just sent an e-mail to the guy from the USA advertising for debt releif, and told him hes a twat, and he should get rid of the ad now

(not in those words)

I cant beleive someone would try and sell something no one want, on a memorial site.

What a twat...........

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As ficken is german for ass f**king. Someone is taking the piss and needs to be dealt with.

For them to show such a lack of respect is one thing but to be so spiteful and write a completely fake post is another. It sickens me that people out there can be such idiots and not realise that the site is there for the griving friends and family of a man who was victim to a tragic accident.

D.j deserves to be left in peace and with the sincere thoughts of his friends and family, not some loser having a joke.


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The "home" thing is indeed some spyware you have. Try Spybot S&D.

And I think the links will just be stupid bots scanning the internet for places to post shit, I don't think it's malicious. Even so, it could do with tidying >_<

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Yeah, it's spyware....

The program scans every webpage (probably) and searches for specific words. When it finds "home" in this example, it automatically highlights the words, and inserts a link....

Run Spybot Search & Destroy - http://www.safer-networking.org/en/index.html (make sure you UPDATE it, within the program!)

And it *should* cure most headaches.... although some ad-ware likes to hide deep in your registery...

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Look at the 'book Phaze.

I thought he was refering to this thread, sorry.... and I have checked the guestbook too.

A bot has roamed through your guestbook, and automatically inserted the comment in it. There's not much you can do, apart from change the robots.txt file..... if it's not bots then it's just someone who's written their adverts on the post. Yes it's immoral - but they don't care, sadly.

Just needs Admin to regularly scan the adverts to delete posts like that.

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