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20" Gear Problem


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hi ive just bought a profile hub for my python copy and it came with a 12 tooth cog. at the moment im running 170 burns with 20 tooth front cog. i tested it and it felt really hard. im wondering should i stick to this gear, or otherwise ill have to buy new cranks, which i cant afford at the moment

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Your running a 20:12 which is a '1.67' gear ratio. normaly mod have a '1.5' gear ratio which is 18:12. So yeah, that makes it ver high.

You don't need to change your cranks, you can get a bigger cog on the back.

20:14 = '1.43' ratio

20:13 = '1.54' ratio

The bigger cog you have on the back, the lower the gearing.

This is the most inexpensive way of doing it, but you'll need a bit more chain.

Mind you if your a very streety person, and wouldnt mind a bit of speed etc, you could stick with it, pedal gapping would be nice. but normal gapping, and stuff like that will be a bit of a struggle.


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When I was testing a proto cassette hub before, I was running a 22t front ring, and it was a bit of a mission getting a nice ratio at the back. I ran 22:14 most of the time, which I felt was "nicely" hard*. However, I went to 18:12 when I went to front freewheel, and it felt immensely nice. I also went from 170mm to 158mm cranks though, so that had something to do with it too. Anyway, it's a bit tricky, but I'd generally go for perhaps a little harder than usual, e.g. the 20:13 ratio. Because you've got 170mm cranks, it'll be a bit easier to pedal, so it'll probably equate to nearly the standard mod ratio?


PS. www.customriders.com should be able to help you, or *maybe* Tartybikes.co.uk seeing as they're getting Profile stuff in. If not, www.wiggle.co.uk, www.winstanleysbmx.com, and there might be a few more out there.

*Used to do roadie time trial shit, so I've got more leg power than most, I guess.

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