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Bashring / Chainring Help


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Hi Guys,

I'm after a bit of advice about Bashrings and Chainrings.

Firstly, I have these cranks:


I'm going to get this chainring (The one labelled "5-Bolt CD 22t Black 8sp"):


I'm going to get this bashring (in 5-bolt 22t):


Will all of these components work together?

What kind of chainring bolts will I need for this setup?

Would these be good:


Any help greatly appreciated



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So for the outer bolts, these are good but must be narrow:


And, for the inner bolts, these are good:


Should these be in long or standard size?

Yep, looks good... standard for the bottom ones.

However, you'll be able get chromed steel ones from your LBS for much cheaper probably. We always had loads in where i used to work, they were about £8 for a full set (inner and outer) i seem to remember... :P

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Can I ask how all of this will be attatched to eachother?

Am I right in thinking that the outer bolts will secure the crank to the bash ring?

Then, how can the bashring be connected to the chainring, and where do the inner bolts screw into?

I'm kinda lost


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