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Chain Tensioners For T-pro 2004


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At the mo i'm running my t-pro 2004 with no chain tensioners :ermm: need to get some asap but i dont know which ones will fit?!

I tried searching on the forums, searched 8 pages long :ermm: Also if anyones got a t-pro 2004 with chain tensioners on can i have a pic?

Cheers all


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Anything that's for 10mm axles will fit your bike. I guess you could go for snail cams or something, but I way prefer chain tugs really... So yeah, just go for whatever you like the look of/is cheap enough.

I think at the moment I've got some old random KHE one for the right, and a tiddly Onza one for the left.

Primo and Snafu do good stuff, but really, it'll all work fine...

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we need pictures!

also the echo snail cams work using the hole in my t-pro frame, where a bolt is ment to go? I have no bolt in there?!

youll have to buy some :P

i got some on me python..... :ermm:"

BUT i still dont see how they work.

can someone explain please :ermm:

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Heres a pic of my old bike when i used snail cams


basically i already have the bits which stick out on my frame so i dont need bolts but they work the same way

basically the snail cam latches onto the bolt and the more you push it, the further back the snail cam is and as you push it down the snail cam gets wider in the middle so it pushes the wheel away from the frame more :ermm:

hope that makes sense and helps :ermm:

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The way they work is the go between your axle bolt/nut and your frame dropout. Just forward of the dropout slot should be a small bolt sticking out of the frame (or a hole a bolt could go into). When you twist the cams around they push against the bolt, the further round you twist the cam the further/harder it pushes your axle away from your bottom bracket area. Thus making your chain get tighter :ermm:.

Just emailed you back Alex...

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The bolt will go through these holes


Take off your wheel, put the snail cam on you can have it either on the outside of the frame or the inside up to you, i put mine on the inside, then basically to be honest its pretty self explanatory and tarts explanation sums it up :ermm:

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I'm praying that this will be the end to my "skipping" problem, as i've replaced the freewheel, chain, rear sprocket, whole new rear wheel (but i needed one anyway)

But i have noticed on my frame that where the serated edges of bolts go on the frame , the frame has worn and gone a bit smooth so the wheel slips when i pedal hard sometimes!

Hope this is the end ;p

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