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The Little Wheels Thread


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Ok, well there's so many amazing bmx videos out and about, and being a trials forum, I can imagine someone getting pretty pissed with a load of bmx video threads. So here's a few links to the videos worth me posting, and if anyone else wants to add some, please do.

fatmike, of the bmx kind

Eric Holley's 'Aspire' entry

Some brakeless guy

Nick Anderson's 'Aspire' part

That'll do for now.

(Most of them are on eengoedidee, since there isn't exactly a bmx-shack kicking about).

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thanks dude :ermm:


EDIT that vid was amaizing there was some realy big shet goin down there.

That wasnt fatmike though (i dont no if im stupid cause i dunno if you knew lol)

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the third onbe down, the brakeless guy, was f**king incredible!!!

unbelievably good, i need to start riding my bmx more again :D

Here's an alternate link, although this ones is in .mov format - so you'll need Quicktime, hombre.

is that actually fatmike on the bike?

confused, and curious

cheers sameer :(


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ok, by following people's coments, i decided to DL the first and third ones.

and oh my! Very very very very too good!

whenever i see this sort of video, i always wished i'd starting riding when i was 3, so then at 17 i would be as good as these guys!

:P :blink:

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