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Signs You Can Get For Your Car Rear Window...


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Hey guys,

Wondering if anyone knows where you can buy those little signs or stickers that you put in the rear window of your car. Im really after one of those "Careful! Small person on board" or similar ones, as its my girlfriends driving test on the 9th and if she passes it would be a funny joke present :ermm:

Anyone know where you can get them in town? Like what big chain shops are likely to do them?



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Good call, I forgot that type of shop even existed :ermm: I'll remember to check them out!

I was more thinking what kinda shop would actually do the proper non jokey ones though... you know how you always get mums at infant schools with them in the rear window "beware baby on board" and stuff, who does them?

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haha I've seen a granny buggy thing with a small person sticker on the back,when she got off it the buggy she was like 2foot tall haha

I think your best bet for the windo sticker is halfords, or try a pound shop or something,they usually have things that no one would find helpfull :D :D

haha the comment about the whale made me laugh so much, how odd!!! thats just a classic!

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