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-paul Turner Promo Video-


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Here's a promotional video for you all of Paul Turner from southampton riding his Curtis, he's not a forum member but regularly comes out on rides etc :ermm:

Riding is mainly Southampton and Bristol. All editing is by Paul using final cut, and filming is mostly by myself. It's 27mb and I ripped it to my pc so I hope the quality is acceptable :P (mpg format so it should play on most pc's)

Here's a eengoedidee link temporarily as my servers down. If someone wants to shack it while I wait for my ref-id that would be great.

-Paul Turner-

Hope you all enjoy it, leave comments criticism here :P

Thanks everyone


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Nice riding, The video was pretty cool to watch altough the white bar saying "Cut" at the top was annoying as hell.. dunno why that was left there. His bike looks awful to ride though the BB looks saracen X-ile lowness, just not nice.

But good vid on the whole and the boys got some skills :ermm:


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Nice, mellow, chilled, kickin' it back, smooth.

Like someone said, the 'cut' dialogue was unncecessary, although that must have been a minor technical fault. The music was ok, but it's not really video material - it kinda slowed the video down and made it seem like it was dragging on - which isn't what some company wants to have to sit through.

But he's got the skills.

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