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Counter Strike is the God of online gaming possibilities.

End of story :lol:

But yeah, it absolutely f**king rocks, especially CS:S.


Very good that game, mate.

But can you try help me out on CS:S It don't run smooth when shootin people? its not like pausy like lag, it just isn't smooth, I've updated my graphics card (Nvidia GeFore 4)



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Yer iv played it for a while now, he he.. but when my m8 travistrials see's this im getting a SLAP:P, Yer i have been playing it for a while - amzing what stuff u can pick up from playing it as I can get free webhosting and stuff, also server wich is fairly good.

P.S. ben please dont hit me :)"

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CS:S is good as someone said it could be your PC cant handle it well. Im using a GeForce 4 card as well, i can run it at max graphics and still get 55fps :) it could be your internet lagging you which can be annoying at time, especially if your downloading.

As for CS ebing ruined by hacking so is CS:S still playing it though slowly the hackers are getting weeded out and DoD:S is out soonish which I shall get and play that too.

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Yeah CS owns! I only really like the origional one though CS:S takes up waaayy to much resources and I can only get like a max of 50 fps (Not that that's bad) I just don't really like it.

People using 'hacks' on CS have got so bad in like the past 2/3 months! Allmost every single server that isn't VAC protected is guarenteed to have one. Even when you're actually skillful at the game and don't use hacks you get called a cheater and get voted off etc so it's all gone a bit gay, but it's still good fun!

I prefare all of the old half life1 games + mods, I'm not keep on HL2 and all the updates :)

We should try make another trials-forum CS/CS:S/HLDM2 game, not that they ever work :)"

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