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Mike never heard of him but just looked at the site ,this poem of there is so sad..


Just the average family

We didn't ask for more,

Then life was changed completely

with that knock upon our door

This awful thing had happened

And none of us knew why,

You were never coming back again

And we didn't say goodbye

Our world just fell to pieces

We cried in disbelief,

We had to stick together

To overcome our grief

We'll never understand it

It all seems so unfair,

We wish we'd hear that knock again

And see you standing there.

Ride Free Son

Mam & Dad

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What his father said at the end of his story ...

There are some who believe that life continues in levels - we are currently on level one by the way - and when you 'die'(in level one terms) you move over to level two. My belief is that Jason had somehow completed all his allotted tasks on this plane and was moved on to level two for better things.

it makes you think and makes me smile, i do hope its true :unsure:

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