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Are Us Brits The Best Riders In The World?


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Well? what does everyone think? every other country's trials riders seem to 'Big-Us-Up' soo much, saying were insane and have so much style!! even USA say it??

I think we are the best!! hehe!



We arnt a touch on the french, or the spanish.

All of our top riders cant seem to match there style. :(

Cos too many of us are bad jocks and ride shit bmx.

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Hum yea, the french are good, but i think they lack style. im not too keen on the super smooth style neither, i think it looks boring. i like to look Extreme! i think us brits are best at that (well, tie with americans, jeoff lenosky etc)


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How can you not like smoothness? Surely thats what everyone tries to achieve anyway, going big whilst making it look effortless? I know i try.

We have some good riders, but just take Koxx days 05, it blew us all away, i love ze french.

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The thing is, how many French video's do you see?

Other than the Koxx riders...

Alexis Toteau (sp?) is one of the top riders in the world, and how many people know who he is?

The UK seem to put out alot of vids (maybe thats a biast opinion considering i don't frequent and French forums), so we get known...

It also depends on what your take on style is.

Alot of the US riders love the 'shit BMX' style, cos it's different and prettymuch unique to the UK.

French rule.

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What kind of gear ratios do you trials and BMX'ers run?

I've got a somewhat standard 36:13 ratio thats meant to be good, but It really seems so hard to pedal, mainly I'll never need to go fast as I can pedal with this setup and yet when I 180 and land fakie the gear ratio is so hard its impossible to swing around!

Now I know your not meant to run say 18:12 like on my mod, so is somewhere in between acceptable for BMX? Say 26/27:13?

Also is it a good idea (if I change sproket) to go for one with a little grind, bash ring bit on? if so what reccomendations you guys got?

Lastly Plaz pads? What shops currently have them in stock? and what household substitutes for mucoff may work (Y)

Cheers Olly.

We hear on here some ones tapped 55" we all think WOWee, but im sure sumwere theres a few guys who dont use the internet, or go comps, who can tap 60", theres LOADS!! of riders no ones ever heard off. good ones.

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