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Weird Bleed Problem


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I check the search but didn't find anything relevent.

Basically I spent my evening trying to re-bleed my brake with no luck, there are massive amounts of air in the system.

The syringe had (practically) no air in it and all the hose connections are tight, I also replaced the olive on the lever end of the hose.

Basically once the whole system is apparently filled with fluid (no more bubbles coming out of the vent tube (which goes into my pot of fluid) (the syringe is still connected) as i unscrew the vent tube as its on its last few threads suddenly loads of air bubbles come rushing out through it and then the brake is useless.

Does anyone know whats going on????

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random (Y)

although, i suspect (from ur post) that the air u see through the 'vent' tube is just from the oil draining out of the tube as it leaves the kinda vacuum caused by the bleed.

1. is ur bike stood upright (ie, not lying on its side)

2. i sometimes find that spinning the lever around so that its at the top of the handlebar helps niggling air bubbles from staying in the lever

aside from these, i can only deduce that ur not quite carrying out the process correctly

1. bleed from the calipers to the lever

2. once bled through, make sure the outlet at the lever is sealed before removing the syringe at the bottom (at any point during the process, like topping up the syringe)

3. once the syringe tube is removed from the caliper, make sure the threaded hole is topped up before placing the bolt back in

4. try bleeding through about 3 syringe fulls of oil, just to be sure

if ur doing all of the above, then hell knows. u sure u connected ur brake lines to the lever?


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Remembered to unscrew the TPA?

Either way I usually find that tapping the pistons, cross-over, hosing and lever body with the rubbered handle of our adjustable spanner kinda frees it all up a bit, really. Once you've got one syringe full to go through without any air bubbles, put a few more through (Y)

I always find too that covering the end of the vent tube when you re-fill the syringe speeds everything up too, in case you're not doing that?

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