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Not sure if this should go in here or not, but I just wanna big up Wiggle.co.uk.

Yesterday morning I ordered some knee/shin an elbow/forearm pads. Didnt put priority delivery on them (as a cheap-skate I wanted free delivery) and they turned up this morning with the postman! (Y)

So even if i had put priority delivery I wouldnt have got them any quicker!!!!

I have used wiggle once before and they were good then, but not this good.

Just thought I would let everyone know what a great service I have had from them.


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This has been posted somewhere before im sure but anyway, as long as they stick it in the post early on in the day you can pretty much say it will arrive the next day. Although its all up to the postal service really, if they are having a off day it can take ages. Where other times its lightening quick. I ordered off tartybikes at like 3 in the afternoon and my stuff arrived at 10 the next day. Its all up to royal mail it seems (Y)

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Yea the same thing happened to me.. (Y)  I picked free delivery as i didnt want to pay £4 p+p or something on some grips and they still came the next day! I were expecting it to take 3 days because I chose free delivery.

Thats the same thing i was thinking. That it would come monday as the priority stuff would get sent first.

But yeah big up the royal mail as well for gettin their finger out. i think essex has/had the worst record for post in the country.

Mainly im impressed that they sent it so quickly

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