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Video Of Me


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this vid was flimed, by various people (thanks to woody, ben, lee, chris, hiltop and neil tunni, for putting up with my numerous failed attempts to land these)

its taken a while to do because of exams, work, riding and bone-idleness but anyway, i tried me best with the editting, only using windows movie maker (shame) and at times i admit i got carried away with with the odd effect.

anyway, hopefully some of you will enjoy, comments appreciated



NB the end of the vid shows just how sketchy i really am

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quality vid that matt. loved the video.

also loved the fall in skipton at the end totally forgot about that. you have an amazing ability to just keep falling and just escaping hurting yourself too badly.

i love the way you included all the sketchy bits adds to the video :sleeping:

nice video (Y)

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merci bopeep folks, didnt expect such a positive response :P

im gutted i couldnt come down to dover ben, we should get together before u swan off to le land de frogs

brake deadly in what way, all through that vid it locked up brill (plaz pads on a grind) but now its all decided to be toilet on me, anyway should get it sorted

hiltop, you should know i have to fall gracefully i cant afford new teeth yet!

right best be off, more riding to be had tonight

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i liked that vid, everything seemed to go. You didnt try to hard just because you were in front of a camera either (the riding was good but its not asif you tryed to be as good as possible just because you were infront of a camera(that sound possibley offencive, but its not in anyway)

Nice video, next time you ride elvaston fire me a pm and ill see if i can make it, always wanted to ride there(if you dont mind that is)



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