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Normal P.s.i For Everyone


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Hiya guys

I was wondering what tyres and tyre pressures you are all using. As i have a Maxxis High Roller 2.5 and have it really soft. For some reason, it seems to sound really harsh when i do anything. (its not becuase im a harsh rider)

I was wondering if it had anything to do with the 'eg, 60a' hard compound of my tyre.

Does this happen to anyone else??

Much Abliged

Adam (Adz) (Y)

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ok i used to run about 18psi on a ronnie with a intense tyre with a 3 inch tube and i stuck to walls like spider man but after a couple of big ish hard landing gaps i found out that it was a little to soft and i now have dents in my rim (N) i now run around 27-29 psi with the same tube and tyre and i still stick on walls but my balance has improved so much eg on the backwheel with the bake brake off for a couple of seconds (Y)

just go out ride a curb but adjust your pressure aslong as you have a pump it wouldnt hurt anyone will it

hope this helps mate


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