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Are These Any Good?


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Shins are great, I've got a pair, and I swear by them...bit bulky for winter, I wear a 661 Raceshin Lite in winter. The helmet..... oh dear God. I purchased one a week ago and sent it straight back. Its massive on my head. Looked daft. So i ordered a Pro tec helmet instead. I've an XC style helmet at the moment, but it slips, and although i've not smashed my head, I can't help but feel that if i fell off, an XC helmet would move.

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shinnys look rather bulky, but if they make you feel safe and do a decent job of keeping you safe then there fine ;)

the helmet isnt a personal favourite :- but thats me. So if you think its a good fit and will stop you (in the most extreme case) ending up in a wheelchair then thats fine too (Y)

i think looks play a role, but it shouldnt dominate your opinion on a helmet

well done for purchasing both hope they help as you progress, but its silly buying them then asking an opinion :closedeyes: , maybe a lil more thought next time wouldnt go a-miss ;)

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