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  1. I've uploaded it to YouTube
  2. A couple of years, currently I'm just riding pallets in the back garden
  3. I'm in Oakwood. I'm years out of practice and trying to get back into it
  4. I think I might be that one guy. I should have a copy at home, I'll have a look tomorrow night.
  5. Thanks, really enjoyed this.
  6. Thats a KVM switch. For dual screen you will need a gfx card with two outputs, almost all of them do now even the cheap ones so if you have a reasonably modern PC check if you already have two outputs before you buy any hardware. Then once you have it all set up use Ultramon to enable/disable the secondry screen, or leave it enabled and use Ultramon to lock the mouse to the primary monitor. I have tried pretty much every combination of screens and am currently running a 32" TV as the secondary. As everyone else said it is fine for TV etc, but you wouldn't want to use it as a monitor for day to day tasks, or to sit too close to it. For games it is a bit hit and miss as some games are funny about using the secondary screen and try to defualt to the primary, but generally there is some kind of work around.
  7. 51 miles on the DH bike, and 18 miles on the trials bike
  8. I have used to send bikes a couple of times. It costs around £10 inc insurance.
  9. It looks awesome. What seat is that?
  10. New York NY and 10006
  11. Porn, why else? I found two useful for design work, but still found that I had windows overlapping and generally couldn't see everything I needed to at once. Another one would have done, but to run three monitors I needed two graphics cards, which gave four outputs, meaning one was unused and wasted. to be honest four is overkill for me and I found that the furthest left rarely gets used as it gives me a sore neck turning all the time To the person that asked how, the motherboard is an ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA which supports both AGP and PCI-E graphics cards, of which I am using a 7900GTX (PCI-E) and 6200 (AGP).
  12. Bit of an update
  13. From the album Other