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This Bag holds a 20" bike and only cost 40 quid! besides if your going down under purley to ride, why not save your pennies and go somewhere like France, i know the Frog breathed bastards don't speak properly (French) but you could go on the eurotunned and it'll most probably be a hell of a lot cheaper. or you don't even have to lLeave the country, why not go to a variety of places (mostly seasides they seem to have the best places) kinda like a tour, it sounds really fun! don't forget to get a hell of a lot of films (SD cards) and get a load of good footage for us lads on the forum!

Good luck with your desision weebryan

hope i could help Mike!!!

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You want that, the neil pryde bag is amazing, it's quite cheap there too, there is padding all over, a solid base, wheels, good handling straps, wheel bags, pockets, and strong stitching, the wheels are needed it makes life so much easier, so i'd recommend getting wheels on your bike bag.


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