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Zoo! Which One


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I think i'm going to buy a Zoo! Python 05 but i don't no what size to get, i currently have a Onza T-mag (which i snapped at the head tube), and i am looking for more hight and i am 5 foot 8 which do you think will suit me better the long or short.

Thanks wayne

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I don't think that your height affects it too much, i've seen really short people on bikes that are about as long as them, and also i've seen tall people on bikes like the T-Vee and T-Bird, so i really think it's up to you, shorter bikes are easier to bunny hop on.

Hope this helps mate!


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I'm about your height too, I like the feel of both Pythons, but it depends on what sorta riding you like... CLS one is by far superior for static gaps, and Yao Zhi one is just a tad flickier. CLS one also helps on natural more...

which is which? by that i mean is the CLS long or short and the Yao Zhi long or short

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Hi, im about 5ft 8" and i have the 06 python 1045 wheelbase, but with my forks on it's 1050 :- and i used to ride a t-pro and the difference in the wheelbase on the python is soooo much nicer, if i was you go for the longer wheelbase you will benifit in the future from a longer wheelbase.

Hope i helped,


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