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Say Bye Bye Woodman Fork...


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I was so damm lucky. i rode this fork a few months ago and gone back to my good-old fatty r's. 2 weeks ago i got the chance to sell it (the woodman) to some-one with a planet-x pitbull (bomb-proof cr-mo trial-street frame). it didnt last a week under that fork-nazi street rider :S . he told me that he was just riding along doin' 180 pivot on the front when it snapped. thank's god it wasn't me!!! any way the boy is ok. his face's still in a mint condition.... :D

Dece... It's an odd place to snap, they usually go at the steerer and if not, at the welds.

...Its in the brakes welds... he had an 8" disk-brake rotor. maybe too big to that fork? :blink:

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