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Indoor And Bristol Vid


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i was finally arsed and i made the video i have been trying to make for a bit.

some clips from bristol back in october somewhen, and rest from the area51 indoor park in göteborg, filmed over the chrimbo hols.

4 songs, under 4 minutes, dece riding by björn levin, peter bäckgren, johan brundin and me.

please leave a comment.

ps. music all round is a piss-take, but don't be afraid. those who've seen my prev. videos know that i make 'em strange. :P


go boyos.

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i forgot to put in 1 clip more from brizzzzol, that was all i had.

btw that was the day when "rob was falling off loads". :P

cheers for the comments.

Speaking of, how's the wankle? Dl'ing now though all the same ;)

Good vid. Needs more Mark-bell. :P

Nah, I really, really liked that vid. All good stuff :) Some pretty top-drawer riding and the editing actually worked really well. Loved the first and last song :P

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gurra gave me the last song.


Antonio Pinto & Ed Côrtez - Funk Da Virada

Broderquin - The Red Theatre

Unknown artist, some swedish song called "Tänk om jag hade en liten apa" (Imagine if I had a little monkey)

First Option Deal - Stockholm 2 Paris (Original mix).

more comments anyone?

wankle is fine now mark. feels completely restored. now i just need to get my bike together.

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