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New Monty!


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I thought he was referring to the 26" jump/street bike seeing as that appears to be, for me, the only one that I can actually see. The link for any 24" bikes is unclickable, so I'm guessing they havent got any on there and thus we cant give an opinion on it? :S

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Ehm I smell copying, from the Banshee Scratch...

IPB Image

Anyways, looks very ugly and un practical, suntour forks (eeew). The front end doesn't seem right, and I'm not talking about the fork here... Maybe it the image is compressed and it makes it look weird thought, but it doesn't seem to be very rideable, but I think the bike has a bit of an angle on the picture wish makes it look awkward

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If it's the 24" then I guess it's THIS, which really doesn't float my boat. Actually, from looks alone (obviously not great for judging weights) I think if this was near my boat I'd sink!

Nah, not really sure, could be alright for a play I suppose, but not my cup of tea

EDIT: DAMN! If I hadn't spellchecked... Pic removed for niceness :P

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I suppose this would be the ideal time to ask..

'what the hell is up with Monty bmxs'

They offer a lifetime guarantee on the bikes/ frames but is this just against manufacturers defect in workmanship or anything within the lifetime of the product? No doubt only a month.

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