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The Hope Mono Trial Or The Magura Lousie

zonaboy dan

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the magura louis is one of the worst magura disc brakes..

I have had no troubles with mine. It has a big amount of bite and hold, and generally works very well. I have never needed to bleed it or fiddle with it, just step it up, bedded it in and it is still going strong.

What more could i ask for.

But i wouldn't know about the mono trial as i have never used one, but i have heard a lot of good things about them.

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have used both in my time and i like both

louise for the lever feel( i like mine that bit softer)

hope for always griping

find a mate with a hope and another with a louise try them both if you can

if your stuck for a decition i would go for the hope

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the hope mono trial IS beter, its a fact

the magura louis is one of the worst magura disc brakes..

so definatly the hope mono trial :)

Have a look at some of the coust vids, i think you'll find their louises too... if its good enough for them its not a bad brake.

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I have a magura louise on my t-mag which comes as standard,i have had no problems with and it has not needed a rebleed in the last 4 months that i have had the bike, the break is also super sharp so overall i think its an amazing break (Y) .

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Have you not considered the new formula oro disc brake from tartybikes?

I just got mine in the post this morning and EVERY brake that i have had has been S**t out of the box but this was brilliant for a first use. Even after about 6 or so hours of riding the brake has really bedded in and can lock as well as my bb7 did even after this little time but also it modulates well.

This is by far the best hydrolic brake iv had and iv used all of the hopes.


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