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Where To Purchase Fatty's


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Well I've seen alot of them forks snap at the steerer tube, like my old echo hi-fi's but it might be worth it just to get riding, is there any difference between the 06 and 07 versions. :)

07 urbans have a far thicker steer-tube, hopefully getting rid of the problem the older urbans had (Y)

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hmm well bikefilth usd to sell them, but there website has expanded and they are no longer on there. But echo urbans are exactly the same CHEAPER and IMO alot better. (Y)

ermm, no they arent

fattys have a steel steerer, smoothed out welds, a mcf**king huge disc mount (bigger than my previous echos anyway), i think they are a tad wider annnnd im pretty sure far more echos snapped compared to fattys-ive heard of fattys lasting 5 years plus, whereas i dont think many of the echos lasted over a year

if you can find some, buy some fattys, they are the best trials forks on the market, and look awesome :)

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They do make them still, just Canondale Europ has gone and there fir getting anyhting Coda/Canadale in the UK is hard.

Apple Pie use to do them, but i can find loads just by googling!

Fattys with the white writing have an uprate crown/gusset, also the disc tab is thicker and has some slot kinda thing going on for adjstment! Stera is steel, compresion and pinned. They are a stiff fork. Aslo anyhting Coda or Canondale never had a normal aluminum styled weled. They grind the welds own to make it all smoeth and blend in! Only people that do it properly!

Nowt compears to them but many rate a Zoo fork with them on par.

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your better off getting some brand new echo urban forks.

cannondale dont make the fatty's any more and the echo urbans are the same design but lighter.

if you would like black forks though i'd advise the new zoo ones.good forks also (Y)

both of these forks and others can be found at

www.tartybikes.co.uk but im sure you allready knew that :P


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