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Hope Mono Trial


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The calipers are the same, but are made to fit different size rotors. If you have a 160mm front brake and would like to run a 180mm rotor then you just have to buy a Hope +20mm adaptor like so... Hope disc brake adaptors

I hope i've helped :)

Ok. So if I buy that brake in 180mm from Tartys then I will get the same brake as the 160mm but I get an adaptor aswell to fit the 180mm rotors. Am I right?

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I've been wondering this, because the older Hope mini's could come in different size calipers and were numbered. I believe a 180mm rotor on a rear IS mount required a number 5 caliper??

And a 160mm rotor on IS mount is a number 3 caliper?

So why is this not available on the mono range?

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Basically the koxx forks have a plus 30mm disc mount. This means that if you were to buy a normal disc brake with, lets say, a 160mm caliper you would have to buy a 190mm rotor to go with it (160 + 30 = 190).

So they got hope to make them some brakes that wouldnt need to have another rotor bought to make them work - The try-all brake which if you mounted on other forks (not koxx) you would find the rotor is 30mm too big for the caliper. However when mounted on koxx forks it all fits fine.

Of course hope didnt want this brake to be exclusive to koxx so they decided to release it without the try-all name on it, they also made it so it would work on normal forkes without adaptors ets. (I.E. if you buy a 160 caliper and it comes with a 160 rotor it will work on all normal forks exept koxx forks.) This brake is the hope trial brake (nothing to do with try-all).

So to conclude, if you are using any forks other than koxx, you will not need any adaptors if you buy a trial brake... If however you are using koxx forks then the brake you want to buy is the Try-all because it comes with the correct plus 30mm rotor. I hope that clears a few things up?

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They can and are - they are the same calipers front and rear, but it all gets a bit complicated because different frames have the mounts in different positions - the simtra for example has a plus 40mm disc mount.

Basically the only 2 calipers available are the 160mm caliper or the 180mm caliper. Then if you want say a 200mm rear disc u either need an adaptor or a frame that already has a 'plus' disc mount.

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sweet, so can I get a 180mm rotor on the back of a monty 231 (standard IS mount) without the need for an adaptor??

(sorry this is a bit off topic lol)



rear IS mounts require a 20mm smaller disc for any given calliper.

hope originally offered the brake in 160mm front and rear. meaning the rear calliper has to be mounted further away from the mounts in order to run the same sized 160mm rotor.

as a result, this rear calliper can be used on the front to allow the use of a 20mm bigger disc! hence the 180 mono trial.

the two mono trial callipers available give 160/180 on the front, and 140/160 on the rear using std ISO mounts. you would be course be stupid to run a rear 140mm disc.......

to run a 180 on the back you will need a +20 adaptor.

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