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I wonder if he can view his own video or is that website banned for Slovakia as well? BT policies make me sick :sick:

Nosy Poles make me sick...first of all from Mielec ...nice stuff for this video is on the way to Him.

Poles can watch BT videos from this site http://www.biketrial.eu

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Haha, there was some quality riding there but the stacks made it for me...they all seemed some bad :lol: espicially the drop gap one :blink:

Some very cool stuff in that vid that ill will be trying to copy sooner or later like the 720 spins and front wheel moves.

Really liked that, cheers (Y)


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the riding was ok but haha his style is so funny and strange to watch, very sketchy.

definatley agree. what was that all about in the sidehops how he stands up really tall and fast. Vid was ok some nice stuff going on and some nasty bails wich i like to see.

Also to many spins and that bike looked way to long for him. he was trying to do 24 inch street riding on it and it didnt suit the bike.

But apart from that ace vid. i like how e can roll on the front wheel backwards and bridge massive things.

and that gap to the tree branch classy. ^_^

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You serious? NO ONE knows what the tune is?


Its song from EAR DRUM KRU - slovakian Underground DJ from Bánské Bystrice. This rider olso from Bánské Bystrice...maybe this song never relesed in public ??? who knows

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