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Question About Exeter Compitition


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After talking to Scott and his dad at the Hampshire today, it seems that UCI rules are a little anal... and although the following is taken from the UCI regs I doubt they really mean anything, particularly for the upcoming comp.

"7.2.14 In choosing sections, it would be as well not to exceed following maximum jump heights (if it needs

to be, the international panel may require this of the organizer):


white: 0.60 metre maximum;

20” & 26”:

blue: 0.80 metre maximum;

green: 1.00 metre maximum;

black: 1.20 metre maximum;

red: 1.40 metre maximum;

yellow: 1.80 metre maximum;

Women: pink: 1.00 metre maximum;"

In setting out the sections the organisers have to cater for a massive range of abilities, so the maximum step for any route will depend on what comes before it and after it and what actually makes the step. I know that doesn't help but just turn up, ride and have fun- don't worry about it!


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im going to be working with andrea setting out the sections, we have discussed whats going out with the whole uci/biu thing and what we are hoping to do is make the yellow route (master/elite) uci, all other catagorys below yellow will follow biu rules.

obstacles are still being sorted, i doubt there will be anything over 1m in blue. as has been said you will have to wait and see, you can allways change to a harder or easier catagory if you arent happy.

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