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Cnc Lever Blades Etc.


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I've been thinking of getting one recently, and have seen them on CLS's bike and Neil's etc. but the only reason I can see for getting one is because I can....

Does anyone ride them and think they feel better than normal blades, and do people think it's worth it? I know its only £25 but that could buy other things if not...

Nathan :)

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ive had an echo one now sinse they first came out, and i love it. it looks really trick, and is very stiff.

its a little longer than standard i believe, which gives a touch more leverage. its generally very comfy, although i will say its quite flat, and your finger takes a little while to get used to it, but after a week or so all's good again!

i wouldnt use a std 05 lever after using this, they just feel nasty.

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