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Angry Techno / Dnb Type Music

Sam Nichols

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Basically I really like this mix by Aphex Twins.. it's on my myspak thing myspace.com/elsambo

It's like angry dark kinda techno/Drum n Bass type shizz I would say - but none of their other tunes seem to sound like it..

Basically I really like it and want to hear more music similar - but i dont know any artists that are like this or even the actual genre!

any help would be ace?

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Nice, i LOVE d'n'b with a passion, love hardcore, techno etc.

Most recent good tune i've found is DJ Zinc - Creeper.

DJ Zinc is good.

Tommyknocker for hardcore.

Rotterdam terror corps for hardcore aswell, Army of hardcore is a personal fav by them.

Aphex Twins - Window licker, funny name and funnier lyrics, worth a listen.

Roni Size does it for me, Groove on/Come, Out of breath, Lyric on my lip, Centre of the storm are the recent ones that i like.

Chase and Status are good, 'new black music' is their sort of genre, good drum n bass though.

Ruffneck - Ruffneck rules the artcore scene is my fav by him.(sorta hardcore, techno hardcore if you ask me)

Cyantific for intabeats.

247Drumandbass Good drum and bass radio and quite afew big sets < 30 mins.

DJ Jean - The launch - Classic ibiza tune!

Pendulum - Slam is my fav by these.

Agent - X is good.

Andy C does some good sets.

Sub-Focus is good.

Will update when others spring to mind...

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Keep with Aphex/AFX too. Come to Daddy is a drop in the ocean of the all amazing tunes that man has created. From chilled electronica to come to daddy to way more freaky stuff.

he has his moments but most tunes are a bit on the pussy side.

it's been a few years since drum&bass became shite but if you go back to between 1997 - 2004...

technical itch made some monsters (dimensions is an evil,evil tune and (what I think was) his first album - came in a red and white sleeve is pretty horrible most of the way through)

the first bad company album (inside the machine ? ) was good - the others were not

dillinja (silver blade is nasty but theres a load more out there)

goldie has some evil sounding stuff but you have to filter through the 'up his own arse' business to find it (angel/dark angel/various mixes of angel are good ones etc..)

grooverider's album (prototype years) has a few corkers

dom&roland made some corkers - there's a album but its a little on the limp side

doc scott is responsible for the darkest tune ever made (shadow boxing)

this makes me want to get my decks out again :(

ooh, another vote for Dylan - a bit newschool for me but sooo very,very dirty you have to love it

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it's been a few years since drum&bass became shite but if you go back to between 1997 - 2004...

Oh too true, it's all about old skool jungle, brilliant.

Everythings became too friendly, we want some hardcore drum and bass back on the scene.

And if my mum comes in when all this hardcore is playin , up really loud iwht a guitar amp, she'd f**kin' kill me, she absolutley hates it. Funny really.

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he has his moments but most tunes are a bit on the pussy side.

Well if you're a big nancy like me then the pussy/chilled stuff is awesome :P

But yeah, it's certainly not "angry" in the same way as the more all out d'n'b stuff. I think some arrogant fellow named it intelligent dance music, I can see why though.

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What you're looking for is Drill 'n' Bass, a sub-genre Aphex Twin pretty much invented with 'Come to Daddy'. It's a pretty narrow sub-genre though. Check out 'Windowlicker' also by Aphex Twin or some Squarepusher, all good stuff.

For a slightly more traditional Drum 'n' Bass sound but dark and dirty as they come give Panacea a listen. Something like 'Motion Sickness' is pretty much Drum 'n' Bass in a nightmare machine, whereas the more complex drum beats on 'Shiver' or 'Twisted Designz' start veering into Drill 'n' Bass. Again he has his more ambient moments, but it's all good.

For dark and fast check out Hypnoskull, something like 'Kommando Entertainment' or 'Rythmusmaschine Eins - Zwei' are good places to start.

Then it all depends how dark you want to get. If you want really nasty sounds that scare little children check out stuff from Converter, particularly the 'Blast Furnace' album and tracks like 'Death Time' or 'Blast Furnace'. But don't listen in the dark!

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