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before you try anything you need to find a comfatable point on the back wheel. the further back your butt the lower the bike needs to be and visa versa. after this try these points.

to hop on back wheel.

1. practice doing 1 hop. try not to jump to high as you dont realy need to get a lot of air off the floor, you just need to do a small hop

2. after you have one or two done keep going to see how many you can do(my record is about 19 so far)

3.after you have these try to balance on back wheel as long as you can and ride off from it.

4. when you have all these move onto the pedal kick.

to learn the pedal kick:

the easiest way i found to learn was to endo to get on back wheel and then jump a couple of times. then lower the front wheel while moving back a bit.

then you should kick the pedals forward while releasing back brake (hydrolic rim i recomend such as the magura hs33) for a few seconds and try to ROLE not jump just once.

after this you then use the same technique but thrust your body to the stem (not to far as could be very painful (N) .)

after you can pedal kick this way try to get on back wheel by pedaling but don't keep kicking. practice balancing there for a few seconds before attempting to jump after. soon you can try to kick onto things such as curbs and small walls. don't try anything to big as it can be dangerous and harmful to your body.

hope i helped you mate and good luck with your riding .


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Sounds like your not leaning forward enough when you kick!

..... your on the back wheel hopping/balancing etc, bars kinda close to you. Let the front drop a little bit/straighten your arms etc, therefore moving your weight slightly forward/pressure to the front pedal etc. Then kick and pull on the bars into a kinda stand up straight position/stem close to you..... then when you land, compress your body a little bit to keep your weight over the rear wheel..... enabling you balance and do another forward hop!

Hope that helped / hope you get it!

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