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What Chain?


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as pete said kmc is the way to go your chain is so important spend a little more there are also 2 different types of kmc kool chain

this one is for gears that if you have them,

this is more single speed

cheers buddy! tyler. (Y)(Y)

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nice one cheers.

only got your post after i posted mine, we posted same time. not long now and ill be riding again!!! its been way too long!

ha ha no worries dude i use that chain it rules and after you spend like £15 on a chain you peace of mind knowing it should no snap but this is a big one!remove the split link !!!! just have one solid chain!

cheers tyler (Y)

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khe chain for the win they are really good chains, you can find one on tarty just make sure you cheack first that the chain fits onthe casset at the back if your a stock rider because they are slightly wider. but really good chains in my opion.

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I've had very good luck with the SRAM 7X chain. They're not available anymore, but my shop still has a decent stock. It's a bmx chain, but very light and way way stronger than 8/9 speed chains. Also, they're very cheap and look cool (black & gold)

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