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Right I'm after a new frame. I have an Echo Control, but I'd like something with a bit more BB rise. I want something around the same length, maybe a tad shorter, the bike now is about 1070ish, Ill measure it later. I was looking on Tarty's website, and the Adamant A1 06 has gone. Are they a good frame? Would it suit my riding, (mainly street, but not all that manual stuff. [see vids] but I do a bit of natty now and again.

On Select bikes they are selling the A2 for £180, but that's crap material isn't it? (LINK)

Well post away? I'd like everyone's opinion, but I don't want, " DON'T GET A ADAMANT CAUSE THERE CRAP"

I want to get a new frame, but I'm not going to spend LOADS. Under £300, (Well I'll be selling my echo for £150 with BB and brake mounts)

Thanks for your time.

Matthew! (Y)

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Yaabaa Bow 1075 wheelbase +30mm b/b rise, 385mm backend. works for me.

i ride alot of street and alot of natural, not really into the "manueling" side of it, as i cant do it. iv been riding the bow for about 8 months now. dont have any reason to change to anything else as there is not alot out there that suits that sort of number game i was looking for.

my requirements were:

+20/30mm b/b rise.

1070/1080 wheelbase

385mm chainstays (dont really do 380mm feel too short)

71/71.5 headangle.

£295.00 New

it fitted most or in between the majority of my requirements.


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I love you! :lol:

Hehe, well to behonest you cant really ride a high bottom bracket bike like a street bike(thats the reason all street bike have 0BB rise!) But the 07 adament would be good as well(except for the 116 rear spacing not being suitable).

And I ride a 24Seven Holroyd, and not a huge huge fn of high BB's but i do like them, as well as low BB's(ok just read that back and it sounds like im talking shite... but it makes sense in my head). But for streetish trials, 20 - 30ish seems just spot on.

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Anyone else? The onl;y reason i was put off my the ashton is that someone cracked one. I don't want to spend loads on a frame for it to snap/crack with in a few months/1year.

What will the ashtons Wheels base etc be like with fattys on there?

What size bb is it 68mm of 73?



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Its around 1055 with the fatty's

BB Shell is 73mm i believe.

In all honesty its only one frame out of the how ever many that snapped(that i know of), its more a case of paranoia. Im sure Ali C will back me up on that, and here are alot of other frames that have had worse cracking stats, but then its your choice.

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There a 68mm shell, one of my mates frame transplanted a control for an Ashton and everything went on no problem at all, except an extra link in the chain, because the rear ends 5mm longer.

The Ashton's are sweet, think about the way that what, maybe 10000 have been sold, and i can think of one that has cracked, so that's what? 0.01% of them! They are a pretty strong frame as far as I know, and the design and build quality is sound structurally.

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Yeah, I'm not sure, it's definitely the right size in the Ashton, I would have noticed by now if it wasn't, I'm basically the local mechanic for my friends haha. And he wasn't running any spacers in the echo, and it fitted that fine too.

Edit: perhaps Ali-C would know the answer, as it is Ashton related. ;)

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I'd say the 2007 Adamant L seems quite nice (in terms of geometry, never ridden one though). Have you thought about a BT 6.0 1100? I rode Rav's bike a year ago and it was just wonderful. A bit "bulky" but the riding position was great. It probably depends on how tall you are, but I think you'd handle a 1100 easily.

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ive got a short GU and its quite sweet for uci style street and natural (Y) the only thing is if your gay and dont give high bb at least a week or two to sink in then you wont be used to it enough to feel the benefits. although i do think if i got a new frame now i might be tempted by something like the 07 adamant but thats only cos i hate to buy new stuff and have it the same as old id rather go for something that rides different otherwise it wouldnt be a new frame ;)

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KOT ms2 short ?

CZAR Ivan short quite high bb though


why not just go for the new version of your current frame?

Control 07

touch higher bb and a frame you'll already know well.

other than that, go ashton


I'm not paying that much for a Kot

Dnt know about the CZAR

and the ZHI is a possability

Ashton for now though!

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