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Monty Spray Tar?/


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It's a bit off topic but I am sure that like all other new members you would like to be validated. Yes? Well type in full words and sentences, spell things correctly and punctuate properly. It took me a long time to read your post because of the errors.


What would you class as a 'begginer'? Are we saying your up to say Ali C's level of riding? Are you just around average? Elaborate. As a rule that brake spray just makes your brake stick on if you over spray it, which is easily done. It leaves a mess all over the inside of your rim as well. It doesn't do much for you in the rain so as said previously a grind would be far better as it coming to winter.

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i used monty brake spray when i am lining up a trick that could go terribly wrong so you need a solid brake e.g. railings, large gaps etc! if you are riding smaller things i would just set the brake up nicely using a 4 bolt method if possible then a light bit of tar with a tidy pad and you ll be fine matey! monty brake spray is quite strong to be honest!

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If you have clean rims and pads then it is good, but when you put on dirty rims it gets really sticky and your brake never lets go (N), also if you apply to much it works to well and your brake never releases.

If you apply with a cloth you dont put on as much so you can apply more if needed but if you put lots on its hard to take some away.


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