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Worst Injuries


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I have also been lucky so far, i've had no real bad stacks.

I have a couple of nice scars on my shins due to crank spins and had a few numb asses due to falling flat on it.

I currently have a fractured finger but i still ride for about 2 hours aday, its not helping but i just cant stay off my bike. lol

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i have only crack my knee clap but only a small one and cutting my leg when chain snaped errm broken toe and cracked my ankle and broken my rips on a role swing lol it broke and i fell about 15ft on to my back and i blacked out and then i couldn't move for like 4mins scaryest moment of my lift becasue i could brealth aswell.

and my bike locked up over a big jump so when i landed it slide and i landed on my head and neck

ps and i can't turn right lol or sleep well but its getting better

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When I used to be into BMX's and Jump bikes, or just general skatepark riding I had myself a bad injury.

2004, at my local park, I was riding without a helmet and went up a small quarterpipe, didn't quite make it to the top and fell back down, hitting my head hard on the concrete floor. There wasn't a mark on my head.

I went home and towards the evening my head began to ache (I can't remember any of this from this point on, just what my parents told me) so I went to sleep.

Couple of hours later I couldn't sleep, the pain was just too much (apparently), and my parents came and checked on me, notcing that one of my eyes was looking in the other direction.

They took me to a local hospital who thought it was just a virus that had nothing to do with my accident, they gave me a CAT scan and found I had a fractured skull and a blood clot had built up inside my head.

Into the ambulance and speeding off to Great Ormond street hospital in London, where the clot was removed. Another hour and I would have been a goner, if I would have gone to hospital too early they would have found no symptoms and sent me home, off to bed never to awake.

Lengthy story, but I'm very lucky and glad to be alive. It shows what can happen if helmet's aren't worn.

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You lot have had some pretty bad injuries, broken legs and arms?!!!

How do you manage it!!!!

Ive been riding about six years and the worst i've had is a few twisted ankles!

I did a tour of Saudi Arabia with MAD team in 2004 and fell off a 360 and cut my arm-needed stitches (first and only time!)

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Mine was breaking 2 wrists and an ACS freewheel, on a 7ft drop, sent me a foot in the air, fell about 8ft face first to concrete, bloody lucky as i didnt wear a helmet in those days (N)

Most recent bad one, is gapping... landing one footed, with a nice gash down the front of my shin. Lovely! And i still have blood on my shoes!

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