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My task bar at the bottom of my screen has disapeared. I have not done anything to get rid of it as when i turn it on it is there untill some of the icons on the bottom right load up then it just disapears. I have tryed changing some of the options under control panel>task bar and start menu.

Dose anybody know what to do as it is very hard to use my computer without a task bar.

Thankyou in advance, Rorz.

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I will try now once my computer has booted, thankyou very much.

you sure you cant get the edge of it and just drag it up to make it appear again?
you cant do that with XP themed taskbars, im shure of it

ctrl + alt + delete, then go to file > new task, type in "explorer" (without the quotes) and press enter... hopefully it should reappear? Not the best solution but should/might work.

Just came up with MyDocuments, and did nothing else nothing came up at the bottom.

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go to the taskbar options and untick the box with 'lock the taskbar' next to it, then try the dragging.

Dosn't work, its not hidden down at the bottom, because all the programs load with a space at the bottom were the task bar should be, so its tunred invisible some how.:(

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You haven't got it set to 'Auto-hid the taskbar' have you?

Nope but funny you should say that, when i set it to that and put my mouse down their it comes up once, but then it disapears again, and dosn't come back if i try to do it again, even if i untick autohide and retick it again.

Its so crazy and random but its anoying the F**K out of me

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