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My Playbike/freeride Thingy.


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Just my weekend play bike. Started out as a Teocali comp, but after the frame died on a dodgy weld they gave me a new teocali super frame. Pretty much the only standard parts are the cranks, the drive-train and the rear hub. Love the way it rides, only thing I'd change at the moment is the rear hub, the mega slow engagements pretty annoying on technical single-track.

150mm front travel, 145mm rear travel, both really smooth for the money.

I do have a front break and pedals, but Liam's (broomer) using the front break atm and the pedals are on my Iolo.





The crack in the old frame, apparently the penetration wasn't deep enough:


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Yeah, Like I said in the original post, the pedals are on my trials bike and I've got an 8" LX for the front, just Liam's using it on his Echo right now.

The red linkage does stick out a little, but its not as bad in real life, as its not normally as obvious, just the camera flash has really lit it up.

Sorted out a new rear wheel for it today, mavic D321 on a Ringle Abbah SOS. Should be sweet.

Oh yeah, the rear breaks not actually routed weirdly, its just twisted and I haven't been bothered to untwist it, as it doesn't really effect anything but the looks.

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