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What Tyres Are The Best?

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try-alls are the best/grippyest and you will never puncture them, but wear out too quickly and are stupidly expensive

montys are not as grippy, but still stick to everything and are lighter, im not too sure on pinch protection, bit cheaper too

maxxis creepy crawlers are the worst of them, but are the cheapest and still offer good grip and pinch protection, but are heavy

take this: cheap, light, strong pick two

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TRY-ALL they are the only mod tyres i would consider using, i got a pair of creepy crawlers and went back to tryall 2weeks later i was so unimpressed. there bloody good on stock aswell, dont think id use anything else :)

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hi i used to run the maxxis creepy crawlers and i tought that they were the best. BUT i now use the try-all tyres and my god they are so much better than the maxxis tyres. They grip so much better. they are not as wide as the the maxxis but that doesn't matter because they are so good. (Y)

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