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  1. White & company? They're the famous one that started with horse carts and model T ford box trucks. There's corgi toys of 'em and all sorts. Our hometown one is Steeles Removals. Side tangent is that they have a Reliant on top of a container out front that i/the family are 90odd% sure is my Grandad's Rialto van, now liveried up to look like the one papa steele started out with.
  2. Did you ask them what is was? [Joke] Could do with that kinda powah for all the SMIDSY cnuts of Barrow sat creeping on the clutch bite @ T junctions... Youda thunk that 2 lezyne style cree lights set up x beam pattern on flashy flashy at full chooch & a knog on the peak of the 661 evo brain bucket would be enough. But nope. Still get pulled out on at point blank range - even when I align myself centre right of the carriageway, then tuck back in mid left after the junction. It's not like none of this is in a street-lit area either. Honestly feels less prone between the hedges of single trackers and 16ft wide lanes in the murk of midnight blackness.
  3. So I'm just gonna lurk from now on & read about rusty roadsters and your problems... Nah seriously boys all of you are correct, non of it is conclusions I hadn't already came to whilst I've been sat shotgun in a van since 2016, & all of it can only be implemented up to a certain capacity - I mean what I wrote in that hotel California quip. @monkeyseemonkeydo Sorry, that particular piece of wingebaggary/vent/cathartic wasn't aimed at anyone. I'm doing >3-5hrs on the jobs boards at the mo and you just need an outlet. Don't think I'm owt special either - this just unfiltered street level experience of life in what I've coined the 'true' north as apposed to the politicians north that stops in an invisible lateral line about where mr.2707 lives. This "The North" I hear on't news seems to stop laterally at manchester and everything else is "that's like scotland int'it?" [can confirm that I'm very much english, for my sins] You are correct about M sport's spot outside cockermouth being near me, about 60 crow flies miles north up the coast, and mr wilson is supposed to be as you say. M sport pissed a few dog walkers off when they fenced off their test stages/quarry last year but that's the stoopid locals perceived entitlement not Msport's. My problem I don't want to make a whiny problem out of everything so let's say issue, is that the feeder course is at an agri college campus ~80/90 road mile from me that is inaccessible by means other than the private car/daily commute by train & ride is not feasible no how much I want it to be (did this pros/cons whey up when I was 16/17yo & nowts changed). You're nearly in [lancaster] uni country so digs are big boy money aka no dice. Thanks to me decidedly middle of the road vanilla and pretty good for nothing I'm not Prince's trust et al material either. @forteh Ah mate of course I'm looking further afield than my own postcode. I'm so used to being to being out on the roads in the BRS job that the thought of sinking back into this place bothers me something rotten. / Don't get me wrong boys, The (greater) barrow or the '590 area isn't a favela or owt, the coastline is accessible at 4 different points from the front doorstep and all are within 5 road miles, This summer I've explored my own back yard going for bods on the roadie bike - we've backlanes and moor tops with views for days and now I very much see how serious leg shavers road riders can do barrow-coniston bluebird caff-barrow before lunchtime without breaking sweat - even my longer run round skates the border of the lake district national park at it's furthest point. Barrow's best attributes for me all stem from not actually being in it - it's the cliche'd people that spoil it The crippling deprivation is real though. If I could start treating it like a dormitory again then I'd be a whole lot less of a sourpuss about the whole shituation. That's what all this stems from ultimately, that's what maketh the fire, the vitriol; I thought I was making progress in hitting the GTFO button, the personal betterment that I resent my 'peers'/fellow barrowvians for not being outwardly apparent, or at the v. least dragging myself into that nice(r) postcode away from the corridor between two sinkholes I/we currently reside in. Happy travels boys. Edit: just as I proof read that a whole bunch of f**kwits sprawled out'et the estate & into my front street having a right ol' do about how one of em's a slag and "Am gonna kick ur f**kin head in an' burn you in your living room while ur kid watches" and all this shit and now I can hear the riot squad and paddy wagons off in the distance on their way round to go scoop the whole sorry lot up further off down the street before they get chance to do one up and over the 8x4 council lock-ups & across the railway line. Face. Palm.
  4. @monkeyseemonkeydo Left school (i guess you'd class it as a comprehensive style school, it's not there now anyway, cumbria county melted two schools into one, knocked down the (conveniently & suddenly not at all) grade 2 listed building after it (also conveniently) went on fire, as valuable real estate w/ problem buildings atop it tend to do 'round here and built an academy on the bottom field whilst selling off the back fields for 10p on the pound to enable a made of matchsticks housing development that be worth ~£1.8m+ in the end...) So yeah Left school sep 2009, 5 A-C's yada yada, scratched on for NVQ L2 engineering feeder course for the yard at the (only for 40 miles and garbage) FE college, passed easily but got passed over whilst my "peers" the retards around me who was born into/came from the better postcode and had connections within the boys club that is the yard got the apprenticeship into easy street that I (and the guy who taught mechy fitting candidly told me) reckon should've been mine. This is 2010 by this point - world's f**ked, i'm not earning, Dad's job's rapidly going down the shitter, Mam's job is 8hrsish & shit. "f**k it, guess I'm gonna have to go back to college then." "Aye an' do wat?" "Cars?? I like cars; wanna work with my hands, I know which end of a spanner to hold (self maintained pushbikes, mototrial etc etc) Jobs [are] goin' in garage's all [the] 'time; car break, me fix; people need personal transport, I'll have work right??" So back to the FE, scratch for level 1 (aka f**k me is this remedial) motor veeeehikcle, claim maintenance grant (my own personal income, so f**kin sue me, least I wanted a job after it - rest of em were just transitioning between school and a joint career in dole-dom and knocking up skets whilst upside down in a hedge/the abandoned paper mill). Level 2 and eventually level 3 MV - rinse, repeat. Sep 2013 - world is less f**ked, barrow is still very f**ked. Been swindled as MV quals mean FA out in't big wide world. Nae jobs. SNAFU, if you like. Q: "...the actual f**k am i gonna do now??" A: Avoid JSA and the job shop like bubonic plaque that is. Graft, hustle and scheme. "it'll be like side gig on me side gigs (on me side gigs haha) - Short of sellin green, blow or brown, or myself, if there is 20 quid to be made than that f**ker is mine..." And I did. For 3 1/2 fecking yrs. I did my fair share of knowing the freeview EPG a little too intimately as well, i'll not lie. But that was the basic craic, the ethics were a little sketch at times, but I never stole or (diligently) knowingly handled owt 'hot', because, very distinct mitigating circumstances aside, thieves are c***s; particularly as the easy stuff to trade was bikes. I did (aid) recover a couple peeps high value items in this period though. FWIW my only run ins with the law are the "you can't ride that here & i'm gonna rifle through ur bags without grounds now lads" conversations & PNC checks forumites will know all too well. This all got stopped oct 2016 when nepotism got me the gig at [orange hardware chain that systemically shits on people]. The attitude went with me though. I worked my f**kin hole off. f**kin house bitch I was - "No!" doesn't buy "mmm shiny" - & the gas board don't take payment in fat lazy b*****d credits now does they? The only reason I'm affording plusnet right now to vent here in my indeed break is 'cos the (receeding) oh shit money that i've saved. So there u is... thick end of 12yrs in however fast people read that. Relocation just isn't an option on the grounds of domestic situ. On the face it would solve a lot of things. This I know acutely; but think of this end of the A590 as hotel California, and I didn't check in by choice. The oh shit fund has always taken precedent over driving lessons so travelling for work is difficult but I'll do it. Again; house bitch mentality - Work ~3 times as hard to achieve 1/2 of what others started with from birth, and have some sort of f**ked up masochistic-like sense of achievement @ the end of it because you feel you're "doing 'alright' now y'know". My lived experience of Barrow in a nutshell, if you like. Messrs Wilson, Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown set and propagated the rot. Clegg, Camoron, Osborne, May, Hammond twisted the knife. Boris' lot haven't showed their hand yet, but the batpox is deffo going to f**k this area with a rusty scaffy pole and has f**ked me and my family member I was working alongside (who I now owe some reciprocal nepotism I reckon). Right, chow down this cup o' char then back to the jobs boards. TL:DR Next tuh f**k all f**kin no hope road once again.
  5. @dann2707 Argh but you're in a part of the world with opportunity... I'm not rubbishing what you have to say, my life's not harder than yours or owt, however here in Barrow the economy (when you really knuckle down & think about it) and therefore the jobs market is either you work in the shipyard (easy street) or you work in a job that service's the shipyard/is inextricably linked to the yard - Temps or HR or bearing supplier or welding gas supply or ARCO safety supply for instance, or you work servicing the people of the shipyard when they flex their wallet/credit card/finance all the things around like being on the delivery crew of the 'you can do it' orange liveried shop I (was) attached to. When they don't spend it all in [whether] 'spoons or off to the trafford centre trip yo, that is. They'll be no resting on my laurels. Can't be. Round here you have to hussle like f**k, or else you end up/some practically choose from birth to sit around chaining amber leaf rizlas with or without the green/spice and lynx lager whilst looking like a walking thug life meme dressed in the JD sports catalog which may or may not have been fenced within a certain local drinking hole. When green stops muting the misery they turn to spice or a couple 'lines or bags o' brown. Google "egerton court barrow" or "ormsgill barrow" and the images thumbnails are all riot vans and police cordons and that just represents what the local chip wrapping reports in their excuse for journalism - about an 1/8th of an ounce (geddit?) of reality in other words, all the "good" parts. You couldn't print the real street level stuff. And that is a good chunk of the local authorities' social housing stock I appreciate your positivity dannananan, just you make sure you don't end up like a swan swimming upstream, mentally or otherwise. I know it won't pay life bills but you should get the fab stuff going as a side gig - it's just a fact of cars that you are either a lad that scratches and hussles the car onto the trackday with skill or favours, or you are the guy that works white collar for £££££ and pays someone to do it - either way there are more people with money than skill and you should be stood there in the car park/pits at blyton or cadwell going "orr yeah i cud do that front mount piping for yer; here's my business IG, check me out and come round the unit wen u wan it done". Small batch production turbo manni's or swap headers on an Ebay shop could be a thing too. Reet, I was only on a break, shouldn't be spending any more time whinging @ the speaking wall. Back to Indeed... Mind ow you go now.
  6. Ten thirty this morning I got the DCMP. (Unsure if that is a universal phrasing, but that means "Don't come monday pal") I get shitcanned as of the 14th, hence, DCMP. Furkin boo-dee-ful. Can't face the job shop... Not just yet anyhow. That's a clusterf**k all to itself. Gonna be a hard winter.
  7. @Ali C You won't be the last for this kinda thing. A (V funny but not exactly PG13) lad in Ireland I'm subbed to made a video about multiple times people/scambots started pinging the youtube-attached Gmail. Seems pertinent to post this.
  8. This is why there is no aerodecks left, all the c4's are in everything else! (I've a want for an MC2 as a OEM+ bike and rider(s) mover-about'r)
  9. I've some x517CD's off my MsIsle? They're currently chillin on eBay.
  10. I've got to ring in at quarter to 3 this aft and have the "discussion" but I've took the view it is a foregone conclusion and this BS is due process. They are firing me and I have to pay for the phone call. Just sums up what a shoestring outfit they are. The only reason the two other depots can cover our workload is because the diy chain that the company I work for has the contract with, has reduced the scope of what the company I work(ed) for can do and is/has been for a long time constantly undermining both themselves and the contractors with contingencies and indecisive multiple trains of thought, all at once. If the DIY peoples would commit whole heartedly rather than undermine and ditther then all the delivery contractors would be running round like a dpd guy on a "avoiding that crash on't motorway so on a back lanes bomb bro" absolute friday afternoon tear. Honestly me and the lad I work(ed) with, who'll also be redundant, were spitballing how we were not been given a fair shake of the workload for ages, even before april; always felt we were being done when our workload was light and we'd getting chatting to the other boys (the ones who keep their van/job) at an away spot somewhere whilst queuing to load up and they'd not only be off their feet but doing/had done jobs/drops that should have been ours whilst concurrently we'd be given the early finish. The covid is just an excuse. It's telling I'll get the chop mid september right before the furlough scheme starts the taper out. Anyway, vent over. That was carthartic.
  11. Well that's that f**ked then innit P45 inbound?
  12. Going with a battery cable to a 340lph(ish) in tank or a 255 (etc.) up/in to a pot and then on to the rail? Or you going dual in tanks on one of them double hats? Would that 400 wheel involve water/meth for repeatability/peace of mind? This'd all be on s300 the K version I can't recall the name of as I type, as well I guess? I don't mean to interrogate, just dead curious. Be sick to see a CRV t-case in it and the back wheels spinning too, serving up Fiesta ST's for North Yorks moors mexico breakfast... haha.
  13. sooo.... ~350 wheel k EG??? 30-76? 35-82? What's the rest of the setup/plan?
  14. Am I to understand that the steerer is cut and therefore you cannot add more stackers? 20mm really isn't alot. If you have a 150*30/35 kicking around then it's worth a hour of your time to find out, the reach of a hex is not dissimilar to that of the style of high(er) BB pogo frame that would typically sport a 150*30 or 165*35 and be run with 0, 5 or 10 mm of stacker and ~95mm total rise bar. Instinctively I'd vote 120*17/20 or 130*25 and all the stackers but (unless you are going to get some uncut forks) you gotta p*ss with the c*ck y'got... This stem tool Alex Phred Stem chart link is what I use to give some graphical insight when debating such matters. Two things though: 1) Have your Javascript on or it won't work. 2) Remember that the "height" measurement is from a datum of your choosing, to the centre point of the steerer clamp. If you are comparing stems with 2 different steerer clamp heights, you must factor this in & adjust accordingly. So for example. In this context as you are not changing frame or headset I'd make the datum the top dust cover of the headset or bottom of the lowest stacker, then measure to the bottom of the top cap, then subtract half the steerer clamp value. Make a note in a text file/phone/paper/whatever, enter this value in the chart and repeat for the stem you are considering. in the pursuit of accuracy or best practice, whichever ruler/tape measure/vernier you use on the first measure is the one you use thereafter. Never a bad idea to use the 10CM mark as zero on tapes and rulers as the 0 mark is never actually 0. That 90*35 is far too small for you for definite. It looks like a kid bike stem Ciaran.