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  1. How political policy of all colour rosettes is decided upon to appease or align with popular opinion by using twitter and the red top's comments section as a beta test. How Trump most likely did win but biden will be president to save face on a world stage and as the rest of the world has gone "thank f**k we got rid of the guy that upset the apple cart" before Jan 20 there could never be a climb down now. To prove beyond reasonable doubt in such an environment will never happen and doing so would have to incriminate or perjure both sides. I think biden out-cheated trump, essentially. How ballroom prancing is entertainment, let alone successful as either a pastime or TV format. Actually, Anything that is indulged in by the masses - the mainstream I suppose. Popularity is not a de facto sign of quality. Any f**ker that spent thousands on watching game of thrones. Or bought prime for the grand tour. Baffling. People who engage in the water cooler gossip shows alluded above. They don't have the self awareness that they just want to be in a clique and bought all the subscriptions just so they can chat shit in the break room about what box set "You just absolooootely have to watch". Even if they did they couldn't admit it. Said people who label you a boring fanny because you know what the outdoors looks like. Them 49 pence-ish waste of earth's resources magazines that you get a in a display at checkouts - the one's by the "oh go on then" chocolate and sim cards for Lycamobile that have a paper quality they couldn't use for even the cheapest blue roll and have cover headlines like "I married my dog 'til he left me for the neighbour's budgie" over top of a frumpy Charlene, 53 from Kent. How it's unfathomable that i've only ever had 2 macdonalds in my life and I thought they were both shit. I buy the oreo/cadbury ice cream, & the coffee in a pinch. How "orrrh KFC gravy's banging laaaaad 'ow can a you not like Kayeffsee" Because they think gravy comes pissweak out of a bisto packet and now seem to have an orgasm over actual gravy. It's just chicken stock. That's it. That's what chicken gravy is. KFC's expensive shite. End of. How people consider iceland (the shop) cheap or in anyway good value. I can feed 3 of us for the price of that £5 processed turkey breadcrumb slop and still have change to put in the gas leccy interwebs jar. Football. All the carry on associated with the fringes of it. I've come to the conclusion that it must be the sports betting that is the enjoyment. And the clique-y tribalism. But not what is on the pitch/telly/big screen int' pub. The game of football that I observe for <60secs on TV is utter shite. How Gary Lineker is worth so much public money. All his job is is doing continuity announcing between the voxpops and roll VT. The lass I worked with that budgeted £3K for christmas. On her hours if she earned >7k takehome for the year I'll fall over in shock. Park and other christmas voucher clubs. Surely most of the people paying in are doing like ******* ^ and overspending or having ideas above their station. The idea that a holiday is not only a divine right of the 1st world but by that holiday not being on foreign shores you are a lesser person - usually recited from a girl who goes off somewhere like Croatian blackpool for fishbowls and getting f**ked 6 ways to sunday so they have somewhere to kip f'urt night. No one admitting that ^ is what 1st festivals and gap year's and goin' uni are about really - "I just really found myself y'know..." Bollocks.
  2. Slight backtrack in topic timewise I know but I've been offline so sue me. Do you have room in an MRS to do a (FC/FD RX7 esk) V mount of flat mount rad in the front? Then duct the airflow through, say a half size civic style ally rad (can you weld ally? You could go with a 3-4inch thick ebay core and make end tanks to fit...) and into a BFO set of origin/dmax/RE Amemiya/Pandem/2 dozen other bugger's style bonnet louvers? (nowt fancy like, just thinking couple grinder slits wit' 9 inch/stihl saw through the frunk then bent up with moleys/vice grips/channel locks, patch triangles tacked in at' sides and then possibly [fiber] 'glassed over to look like something - side ducting undert' frunk between frunk and rad could be plywood even, then seal the join between the frunk and your ducting with glazing tape) The article that pic is from is here ('as ye seen da size of dem tunnells boi?) I'd just take the scorch racing s15 as the instruction manual if I was in your position, and have fun with how ghettopikey I could get away with being whilst trying to copy/implement some of it. There is a pic somewhere of Under Suzuki crouched inside of one the tunnels after he [they] hacked out the back some more and went pushrod cantilever suspension but I couldn't recall where to find it. If you look at that ^ piccy there anything air that doesn't go though the rad and vents goes through mesh in the back of the box 'til it hits the (what happens to be inclined sheet metal in that car) firewall at which point it is told to get the f**k into the the tunnels. That seems to be the rule of thumb; if you absolutely must let airflow go through the car rather than over it get it collated, bitched into submission and ejected the f**k out faster than an senna infused E coli vindaloo. Be that louvers, arch cut outs, flat floor yada yada. The only difference to me is that you and @monkeyseemonkeydo can put it in maths and shit whereas I was deemed too dumb to be taught all that stuff in school
  3. Dunno how much traction this clip is getting as I'm not on socials; well, youtube: I guess you could construde YT as socials; well anyway, not on 'em and never was. Said clip did bring a wry smile across my face when it popped up on the homepage feed of my YT* and warmed the cockles of my jaded cynical anti establishment** heart as I watched it. FWIW if I had been eligible, there is NFW I'd of voted Biden. Deffo not a trumpite either though. Probs would have abstained to be honest. Maybe I'd vote for the people at a lower level of governance [like equivalent of our town councils] but yeah I feel like it'd be like our lot last time - Labour should be the go to where I live but never was comrade corbyn getting my cross, and the day I vote tory is the day my ancestor's smite me from the beyond. *I don't care a jot whether any of ^ is true, false or kinda both, for the record. ** I know quoting fox news about the ruling powers of a country of which I have no iron in the fire, and being naturally distrusting of power or establishment is ironic, trust me I'm no fan of the Murdochs. What I mean is that above video does nothing but galvanise my loathing and scorn of politicians, who (hyperbolically) all are self serving hypocrite invertebrates profiting on the (mis)fortunes of others and shit on any moral standpoints they claim to have (had) whenever they smell either the paycheck, grasp of power or P45 coming in)
  4. If you're watching kyle engineers then I guess you'll have seen this come up in your feed, and no doubt watched it, but nevertheless; MOTIVE VIDEO working man's/layman's aero "course"/feature. Featuring yer man's SR22VET S14 weapon. part one Part the second
  5. The reason I call in a "lockdown" in inverted is not because I want tighter controls (f***ing hell no) but because I listen to out of Ireland whenever I'm sat here at my desk, and the Taoiseach's decree is that no f**ker's allowed more than 5km from their place of residence, just for starters. It used to be 2km. As much as I've got a pout on about our tightening of a governmental control sphincter that'll never relax once they've a taste restrictions, I must, and am, be mindful that what the Irish appear to have, that is a lockdown. Now we could've (it's not beyond the realms of possibility, I mean) surely avoided a bunch of our predicament by doing what the manx did (and some of the scottish isles IIRC) and just up drawbridge - stop importing the problem and deal with internal containment. I know life is more difficult than that, and other cards are/were in play; but if anyone skimming this believes that all of 'em were for the good of usthepeople, then I've 10,000 Ghanaian lottery tickets to sell you, can I have your account no. & sort code please?
  6. *Not aimed at flipp, or anyone actually: Just tipsy gobshite ponderings. Sip up and beddybyes I tink.
  7. Mr lemon is in the same head space as me Re. height/size of person vs bike. You are of course not wrong messrs Clarkson, Travis, but there is an arguement (and it was the train of thought I had going through my head @ the time of typing ^^^) that the lack of familiarity promotes the 'clean slate' expirience/headspace/mindset quoted above. Also. I did have the very basics in mind when I said mod, can the person confiding in me [my mate in the hypothetical above] even pop the front wheel off the floor? Chances are a tarmac based rider has probs never tried. Endo? Stoppie? Well in a drops, slicks, lycra, veet n bic razor mindset either/both of those occouring are a very bad day in the office (I recall the way Peter Sagan's sponsor laden derivative of road bike party was such a fap fest to the leg shaving crowd ( cough) - he rode over a stationary Skoda estate w/slopey ramps F+R ffs...) Watch any of GCN's youtube for a time and i feel you'll get the kinda feel i'm talking about bleed through. [Gravel bikes are best vs mtb because I'm fat, 40+, shit on a bike unless the metric is watts or KOM's smashed on zwift and don't want to learn owt new because reasons and neither do you, the viewer, is a video narrative that sticks in the mind] Even just wheelieing up a tight 3set o'steps would be easier to learn on a mod, is my thought process. Ditto the flatland stuff/exercise drills you teach kids or absolute beginners, like seahorses (endo-two wheel-pull on bars-back to two wheel-endo-rinse n repeat), then seahorse throrugh 180 then 360deg and rockwalks and riding up pallete steps and endo turns & so on and so forth are just easier for a noob to grasp on a mod IMO. Purposefully compartmentalising each bike, and therefore dicipline, is a device that I've come to use alot in recent years - even just something as simiple as to come towards the road end out of my estate and make a concious thought "right you're on drops n slicks so that means you're clipped in, and in with 3 bolt cleats, and they're dead tight so unclip now while you're still rolling so you can't fall over/forget, panic, topple over and stack it" rather than the same road end on a different bike would be a sit-down-trackstand-scout-for-traffic-before-doing-a-lifesaver moment. It could also mean I'm on my '76 Carlton Corsa w/toeclips... I also rode/ride mototrial in spits and sparts and can't stand BMX FWIW, so at least on my part there is no small wheel 20in influence over than sparadic spells of Mod ownership. BMX's only USP for me is pegs and even that gets boring for me after ten mins... The fact that that I usually had to prize my mod or stock or 4play away from my BMXer mates that'd swap with me for a few mins playtime to me always said wonders about how good bmx is, but hey ho. They themselves then found MTB and pretty much shelved bmx to at least priority the third...
  8. This question's abit like "how long's a piece of string??", particularly off that generic of information. Nevertheless, if you were a mate and you'd come to me and said "I wanna do abit of that [trials] like what you do" and that mate had a background in bikes but like road or XC; like, rides bikes, but nowt where skill is primary over athleticism, [what I'm getting at is that a die-in-the-blood-never-done-owt-else "cyclist"/road rider would and can smash me when I'm out for a road ride, because athletic AF and does "training" and goes for "training rides" & has watts for days but same person X would never leave tarmac and couldn't even hop a curb in an evasive - like wise light trail/trail centre/XC peeps are more skills orientated by nature but I could never think of them manualling rollers or riding wooden features or doing gap jumps and so forth - some might be able to endo turn and bunnyhop a bit and half do a trackstand clipped in] and that 5ft 8 mate described their ambitions as you have, my intsticts as someone whose been around trials 15yrs ish would be to get them hooked up with a "cheap" Mod (that is, 20in wheel front and owt above par/a certain standard will have a 19in wheel in the rear with a trials specific large volume tyre in the rear and, frame in particular, 4bolt mounts for magura HS style rim brakes and/or a disc brake mount capable of a large disc brake). The manoverablilty and ease of use, I 'spose, is the reason I grab the mod more often than not over my 24in Inspired these days. A good mod is just so easy to cock around on, I drop myself on it and no matter how long it's been or what I was riding last I can just click myself into where I left off, like I was just on a pause button. In this hypothetical I would advise my mate that they want around 700gbp for bought new from shop (Echo, cough, from tartys, cough) or as ebay/farcebuck mrktfceplm/gumtree etc is your oyster; <100gbp can buy you a shitter to idley sesh the curb outside your house if you are willing to put the effort in bargain chasing and are not scared of the tools and hard graft/unf**king other peeps finest workmanship and learning the tough way about trials parts and standards. 100-300gbp - kinda same same, less of a shitter spec wise, could be a right shed and at the very least a money pit. I'm exprienced enough to be confident in this price range and would take an educated punt I wouldn't advise others to do. Do your research, know your shit, shop wisely, still be prepared for a frame up rebuild/service and maintainance items to be done for piece of mind. You could get a gem. 300 - 450 squid - proper money now I know, but hold your nerve and this is where the good stuff is/was before the 'rona. What it is, spec and/or condition denotes price. It'll have the good gear but you don't skip the service items just cos you paid more - it's a trials bike, it's never turn key, always high maintainance and quite often highly strung til and even after you get them "well sorted". 450-600 - this is where the proper stuff is, and, unless it's exceptional, I don't think this kinda money fits the brief. You'd be underskilled and overbiked IMO. My gut tells me to look for (but in no way restricted to) Monty 221 PR, 221Ti, Onza pro series, so Blade 2010 (the white gold colourway) & Comp 2010 (the purple/grey colourway a certain Jack Carthy rode for a spell) Limey 2, Ice, Limey 320, The 2010ish dark blue Onza Pro w/ 4bolt + disc mount, 2006 Onza T-pro (the anodised army green one), Echo lite, team, team 09, SL Zoo! python, pirahana GU Typhhon, LE, ST, 2014 Czar 07 Adamant A3 Because colour Neon bow Speedrace Fans Atomz Premier Koxx Hydroxx KO KM1 ZHI Ozonys Curve Yeah, eBay's your oyster...
  9. Riding position is definately wrong. Put the M520 spd's in for a try-it-and-see run 'round whilst doing an erand and it's done the usual of taking away the feeling of [the bike] dragging it's arse, even in ~40mph gusting westerly precurser to an atlantic storm front (I was heading west so all the headwind - reminded me why I had a granny ring ont Kona...) but the change in stack height of clipless vs flats & trainers means the seat needs to go up/back (standard stuff) but the combo of that, bar position/height and bar width (the main culprit I think) means I'm faarrr too Vee'd out. My dodgy right shoulder blade let me know of that quick sharp after 10mins ish. NFG.
  10. So after a damn good scrub, some maintainance and melting the kaff into the setup... I've since changed bits like adding a (shit) rear rack and changed back to the selcof stem with some 700mm echo style flat bars, and I am trying the planet x post n seat on my roadie so the crank brothers cobalt post and sdg bel air off that are in this for the minute/hopefully for good. Looking at these photos is making me want to go back to the answer bar/reverse 80mm stem pictured here though, and put a front rack on for some proper surly long haul trucker vibes... Oh and the rear wheel's f**ked (flatspot even your most poverty crippled TGSer would give up on - it actually ocilates the bike with a load on the rack) so they'll have to come off and the shit wheels will have to go in til money starts flowing again. I've got some 700c rims to go on but that'd mean new 'guards, spokes, tyres etc. and I've two sets of these city jets to burn off as I bought 4 on sale for the kona then wuhanarghchoo f**ked the job. There may be some spd's going on too. /not sure yet.
  11. So redunacy made me consider my options transport wise. For context: The old work was 10mins across town and I could have feasibly dailyed something that looks like it was/was actually pulled from a skip if I wanted; but I did that to college & back for ~3yrs and that's all well and good when you don't have a timesheet to answer for if your put-together-from-scrap-n-takeoff-shitbox throws a wobbler. Nae good, wasn't doing that again; so in the beginning I was gifted my uncle's carrera subway when he decided he'd get something new on cycle to work, and spent the pocket monies from the 1st month's wage on rennovating it so it would be good and solid. Time passes and eventually the take off from the carrera gets to a point where it should really all go back on the carrera so I can build it up to liquidate it and swap all 'my' parts onto this kona frame I've had forever. Kona frame worth < built up carrera so funds = generated and still have a work hack for 7.30am monday morning. Win. Some boardman forks, a matching front hub, some swap parts (there is always something incompatable when swapping frames isn't there?) and some maintainance items later we end up with a bike that does me stirling service for the next 2ish years. [apologies for the quality - I was in full spray n pray mode as I were borrowing my neighbour's wall and he'd not be best pleased with my barend against his dashing) Somewhere along the way the matching white home bargains knog on the barend did one and I've not seen it since; switch had shit the bed anyway [meh]. Anyways so the batpox relieves me of my job and now work ain't gonna be 10mins easy, pan flat, crosstown bod anymore. Possibly now even a proper trek; through the lanes, in winter. So I conclude (with some man maths, i concede) that a 'proper commuter' is required. One accidently later... [BRB gotta find the build photos of the kaff...]
  12. White & company? They're the famous one that started with horse carts and model T ford box trucks. There's corgi toys of 'em and all sorts. Our hometown one is Steeles Removals. Side tangent is that they have a Reliant on top of a container out front that i/the family are 90odd% sure is my Grandad's Rialto van, now liveried up to look like the one papa steele started out with.
  13. Did you ask them what is was? [Joke] Could do with that kinda powah for all the SMIDSY cnuts of Barrow sat creeping on the clutch bite @ T junctions... Youda thunk that 2 lezyne style cree lights set up x beam pattern on flashy flashy at full chooch & a knog on the peak of the 661 evo brain bucket would be enough. But nope. Still get pulled out on at point blank range - even when I align myself centre right of the carriageway, then tuck back in mid left after the junction. It's not like none of this is in a street-lit area either. Honestly feels less prone between the hedges of single trackers and 16ft wide lanes in the murk of midnight blackness.
  14. So I'm just gonna lurk from now on & read about rusty roadsters and your problems... Nah seriously boys all of you are correct, non of it is conclusions I hadn't already came to whilst I've been sat shotgun in a van since 2016, & all of it can only be implemented up to a certain capacity - I mean what I wrote in that hotel California quip. @monkeyseemonkeydo Sorry, that particular piece of wingebaggary/vent/cathartic wasn't aimed at anyone. I'm doing >3-5hrs on the jobs boards at the mo and you just need an outlet. Don't think I'm owt special either - this just unfiltered street level experience of life in what I've coined the 'true' north as apposed to the politicians north that stops in an invisible lateral line about where mr.2707 lives. This "The North" I hear on't news seems to stop laterally at manchester and everything else is "that's like scotland int'it?" [can confirm that I'm very much english, for my sins] You are correct about M sport's spot outside cockermouth being near me, about 60 crow flies miles north up the coast, and mr wilson is supposed to be as you say. M sport pissed a few dog walkers off when they fenced off their test stages/quarry last year but that's the stoopid locals perceived entitlement not Msport's. My problem I don't want to make a whiny problem out of everything so let's say issue, is that the feeder course is at an agri college campus ~80/90 road mile from me that is inaccessible by means other than the private car/daily commute by train & ride is not feasible no how much I want it to be (did this pros/cons whey up when I was 16/17yo & nowts changed). You're nearly in [lancaster] uni country so digs are big boy money aka no dice. Thanks to me decidedly middle of the road vanilla and pretty good for nothing I'm not Prince's trust et al material either. @forteh Ah mate of course I'm looking further afield than my own postcode. I'm so used to being to being out on the roads in the BRS job that the thought of sinking back into this place bothers me something rotten. / Don't get me wrong boys, The (greater) barrow or the '590 area isn't a favela or owt, the coastline is accessible at 4 different points from the front doorstep and all are within 5 road miles, This summer I've explored my own back yard going for bods on the roadie bike - we've backlanes and moor tops with views for days and now I very much see how serious leg shavers road riders can do barrow-coniston bluebird caff-barrow before lunchtime without breaking sweat - even my longer run round skates the border of the lake district national park at it's furthest point. Barrow's best attributes for me all stem from not actually being in it - it's the cliche'd people that spoil it The crippling deprivation is real though. If I could start treating it like a dormitory again then I'd be a whole lot less of a sourpuss about the whole shituation. That's what all this stems from ultimately, that's what maketh the fire, the vitriol; I thought I was making progress in hitting the GTFO button, the personal betterment that I resent my 'peers'/fellow barrowvians for not being outwardly apparent, or at the v. least dragging myself into that nice(r) postcode away from the corridor between two sinkholes I/we currently reside in. Happy travels boys. Edit: just as I proof read that a whole bunch of f**kwits sprawled out'et the estate & into my front street having a right ol' do about how one of em's a slag and "Am gonna kick ur f**kin head in an' burn you in your living room while ur kid watches" and all this shit and now I can hear the riot squad and paddy wagons off in the distance on their way round to go scoop the whole sorry lot up further off down the street before they get chance to do one up and over the 8x4 council lock-ups & across the railway line. Face. Palm.