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  1. So I've done many a revision since this was last updated; wheels and tyres, 8 speed 11 - 32 cassette, dual pivot extra deep drop brakes with cartridge pads, pedals, bars, stem, some homebrew lock on grips, Avid SD 1.9 levers & a modified Triban threaded to threadless steerer tube conversion spring to mind plus more. This is the version we've settled on for the longest as it works, though we're still working through my stash of seats to find one, if any, that truly works for her ≥ two hours elapsed time, and I'm still chasing her hand going numb through trapped circulation. It'll no doubt not stay like this but that's for later in time. Mam would appear to (keep) surpris(ing) herself at her capability [that I knew was there, it just needed unlocking - she has surprised me on the occasion or two I should add though]. I'm just going to add pics in no particular order from this point on. A special thank you/ show of sincere appreciation to @gage-mann for donation of the tan wall 28mm Tofu tyres to the cause. Combined with the early 90's Exage hubs/Vuelta Airline v4 30mm deep rims I snaffled with a large dollop of good eBay fortune they look f**kin sick. Connor If you read this the bag & pedals are 'yours' too. When my "situation" gets right side up I owe you both alcohol and/or a round of ice cream. Every time I click my Bryton into the mount on this thing I can't help but raise a rye smile of the ridiculousness of having a quarter turn on a bike that looks like this.
  2. Oh, right. I was under the impression (wrongly it would seem) that the aforementioned were drawing a wage, as in, did bikes for a dayjob, exclusively for BC - That means BC's PR machine is working just swell then, right? Assume you are correct, then their [the rider's] talent vs support ratio is worse then I was suggesting? The talent is greater than the received perks [of being on team GB]/the scales are still tipped against the worker (rider)? You have 2 world leaders in a subject, who's stock is potentially still undervalued/at a massive disparity to say, Jason and Laura Kenny? These two's stock value is based squarely on multiple gold round things, granted. And I still stand by that the old farts of the funding bodies and Olympic committees wouldn't be allowing BMX (either discipline) or pre-teen skateboarding girls houseroom, if it weren't for attempting to be a trendy wendy and the Tiktok hits or such like. If the talent gets recompensed on a proportionate level as part of going along with the big corporate machine then great, but I'd wager the disparity is there on a similar level to Marquez and Rossi accruing :ahem: amount of monies in a salary basis and most road racers feeling they are doing well/"getting there now boy's!!" on a semi pro basis. Sub Optimal. For context of my POV: Dainese flew in Mr. Rossi (who even in my list comes in the top 25 GOAT) to the TT one time for a guided lap - They were shown round on showroom fresh crossplane R1's @ a steady away 6/7 tenths and on return VR was quoted as saying "F**K THAT. You people are f**king nuts - crayzee people... So the men/women idolised by millions earn the bank, and the people with a high probability of them being more talented than all of 'em are working class heroes working multiple gigs to fund the circus. Graham Obree might be a good cycling pop reference for this point BIO HERE Non cycling but similar in nature would be Peter Williams and his monocoque John Player Norton
  3. Like Track and Field you mean? Yeah, there are - that's what British Cycling and Sport England are supposed to be for - and historically they haven't given any unless there is a photo op of the CEO stood next to the Olympic gold medal and the "supported" athlete is in the works. In a what i'd suggest is a highly cynical attempt to be down wit de kids init - British cycling have got Alex Coleburn and Charlotte Worthington on full time gigs - potentially under rewarded and again, because there is high chance of yielding a gold shaped return on their investment. They are a good example of what I was on about above - you want the stars to get paid but it comes with baggage of all shapes. I always question the motives of brands sponsoring sport and/or women/girls because I suspect, British Cycling sponsoring Messrs Coleburn Worthington included, that it is just a big ol' bout of band wagon jumping or worse in the case of girls/women in niche but hip new sports [used ironically], nowt but woke quota filling. Sky Brown for example, has all the marketing boxes ticked and the "aww isn't she such a brave little sausage" story to go with that means she nowt more than a near the top of the hour "...and finally" circus side show to those people [on breakfast TV]. To bring it back on topic the upshot is that big money (energy drink sponsors aside - even they only want trendy overnight superstar viral tiktok sensations) has no idea what mtbing truly is and it's probably still not of a long enough established, matured, dare I say - sophisticated sport to warrant say, a public sector funded TV contract like the Tour de France has. We're having an upturn in frequency of strongly worded 'discussions' with the upsurge of post lockdown dog walkers and public woodland users :cough: pond scum karens :cough: 'round our way at the minute (...and it's not gonna get better as the sun comes back) and it always reminds me of the opening scenes of chainspotting where Rob Warner is explaining the nuanced, land "issues" - that was filmed the thick end of 25yrs ago and yet still things on two wheels are utterly abhorrent to the all of a sudden countryfied general populous. Dogshit bags hanging out of trees, nitrous cans everywhere, sheep worrying bullmastiffs and erosion that somehow <300 bicycle users a month vs >2500 pairs of feet cause - all that is OK and "it's youn'uns on bikes that are't problem" EDIT: My point being that perceived public opinion sways which way sponsor cash goes. It also insights this kind of carry on. Not the 1st time I've heard of stuff like wire across trails because some jam butty eating rambler thinks it their countyside and not mine or yours. Cnts.
  4. Team Sky's budget was widely reputed to be 20mil GBP a year. I think Ineos are budgeted to piss though ~20mil euro a year. Astana, FDJ, Movestar, Lotto Jumbo/Lotto Soudal/jumbo visma, Canyon SRAM et al reputedly have budgets in the 8 - 15 mil Euro range IIRC. It's all a boys club where wallet is used as an appendage - yeah you want the starlets of your chosen sport or discipline thereof to get paid / maketh the bank but too much wedge sloshing aroond ruins/corrupts/derails sport(s) quickly and irreparably imo - I'd sight anything the FIA, FIM or Dorna are involved in as examples. Anyone remember Matt Prior's pet project ONE PRO cycling? Wikipedia Linkety Aye well it flew high but crashed like the Hindenburg Link to tactful press statement when they met the kill one club esk glass ceiling that is the pro conti circus - I remember mr. Prior chucking quips around at the time like "It became obvious you'll not get in without 10 mil euro/year, gratuities and 5 yr obligation" or similar. Essentially if you aren't one of the boys with an account in the caymans and your money going through Luxembourg and a "shh don't tell anyone" fund in UBS Geneva then you will/your team will never progress beyond the races that the Astana's of this world snobbishly look down on [eg. Tour of Britain, national champs, national points series] - that's how it appears to me anyway.
  5. So the job's just come back up again with a different, newly worded, seemingly more professional advert [The original interviewer, and to a point the process, was bewilderingly inept). Seems the mythical grommets that could be bitched around for <=£6.70/hr either didn't fancy it (I trolled the indeed HTML for info and, quote, "<10 applicants") or the flaky college age messiah they did take on for the rush start was about as reliable as Northern rail. Still, as I must be a glutton for punishment/totally f***ing daft I've put in for it again, essentially to see what if any response I get.
  6. "The ideal candidates will be willing and strive to go the extra mile... " Yeah? Well I went [pedalled] the extra mile 44 times over just for the feckin interview and you still didn't give me the job because it was evident that you wanted two 18 year olds so you can pay them f*** all an hour. Or as you put it "The other candidates made a nearer fit to our requirements" Cnuts. Still. A sunny lunchtime come afternoon on the bike is never a wasted one right? Yeah: 'cept It halestoned stair rods coming back through Ulverston and was (according to my Bryton) about 37F/2deg C real feel for most of the way back. Sub optimal. Through an option not as shite as the train poses at the minute, 3hrs of waiting around in a bus shelter on the platform plus 40mins travel time each way, hence the conclusion of "I'll just f'kin ride there" when looking at the rail enquires website the day before. Now off back to indeed...
  7. When you've been redundant for 6 months over a very long winter and an area manager whom was not your boss emails you (send to all i suspect) asking you to fill in the rota for the easter weekend. F*** You. The company did me right whist I was employed by them tbf. Then I had to pay royal mail the unpaid postage on my own P45. Yep, £2.53 for my own P45. 'Kin pricks.
  8. /continued. Herein lies the problem: It may have hauled shopping around like a right ol' bus but it also weighed as much as one. When I got her to go for a bod through the lanes the limitations of the 3spd showed through quickly - I persisted because of the simplicity of only having one twistshift and the fact you can't f**k up shifts on a hub gear - they're made for people as mechanically numb as she was (still kinda is). As she grew in confidence her fitness/ability grew somewhat linearly and I impressed upon her that she was rapidly out growing the bike's capability to the point she was doing herself a dis-service. "I can't do gears - I like what I've got" she cried, but I just ignored that stubborn nonsense and told her she was more or less going to have to lump it. (or put the brakes on her progression) "Oh It has to be a step though" Mam said. "Yeh but you've a step through now and the downtube is made of gas pipe but is still somehow flexy wexy - I watch you hit a bump and it pretzel's so bad I think you're gonna tank slapper yourself into 3rd degree gravel rash - f**k no!" "Then what do you suggest?" [many errmms later] "What about a Mixte? Would you ride a Mixte?" Many discussions later, after a demonstrative image search or 3, I got a lukewarm OK and went shopping. Insert a 1980 something townsend frame with fork combined with choice bits from the probike and a good rummage in my take off bins and something was cobbled together. Originally set up with some really rather awful twist shifts, the probike mudguards and pedals it quickly went through a couple if iterations before I got the combo right. What you see here is iteration no.3. Should have been like this from day one really. Introducing the world's first (and bloody only!) Sram X9/shimano TY15 hybrid rear mech - the spring side of the TY15 has had the post lopped off and drilled; so that is now the spoke side of the mech cage - remarkably it lines right up with the x9, and the mech bolt is hollow from factory so has been tapped M5 and fabricobbled to the hanger from another TY15/18. eBay jockey wheels finish it off. The only shit bit is there isn't that part of the cage between the jockeys to circumvent chain whip. It's sketchy/grubby/works like a charm in equal parts and there's a dirty part o' me that luvvs it At this point It's set up 8 speed shifter on a 7 speed 14-28 freewheel with the 14t locked out as the chain contacts the frame. It indexs out like a charm, you just set the cable to have two dead gears, 7 & 8, shift from 6 to 5, lock the H stop off and tension the cable like every other gear setup ever. Backing off the stop 3/8turn pretensions the cable and away you go. Being a downtube shifted bike originally posed some headache when attempting bar shifters - there are no cable stops; one; and two, the cable run is bottom pull: Yes there are clamp on cable stop - I fitted two on the downtube if you look close, but the only bottom pull mech I had spare is goddawfull and the 1st time out she man handled the front shifter and mangled the b*****d clamp on - pulled the cable reet though. The back gears are fine as they are lighter to the touch but this took more than one binky-esk brew and biccy headscratching session for the solution to present itself. The brake cable is meant to run down the centre there anyway so some boreing out with a stepdrill on a 90deg adapter later the brake adjuster provides a cable stop, and using the V-brake guide pipe/noodle was fluke. One top pull mech conversion complete. Some surreptitious use of another brake adjuster fixed the bollocks'd thread in the X5 shifter (from someone not me winding the barrel to infinitum and shredding the placcy threads). I half tapped it with an m8 taper tap then rammed the adjuster home screwing it in with water pump pliers - not pretty but it works solid!
  9. Doing a thread for posterity rather than assuming anyone cares, but hey. So we/I started with this Probike I'd built up over the years. Great bike, 700c, Sturmey Archer AW NIG, mysteriously good brakes, strong as an ox. Originally bought for £13 plus a bus fair from the back of the local free paper - pre FB marketplace. I grafted on a chaincase from a pendleton, held on via BB mount with HT2 BB52, some deore cranks, a 38t e13 Gring and a 21t sprocket on the sturmey along with some conti tyres bought on sale finished the incremental mods. I hid a eBay 400mm seatpost in there so it fit me too and I hauled a shit load of stuff around whilst with it when me Mam wasn't looking. Throughout last summer it took two bags, a rack, 15+Kg of shopping & a *more than she bloody should be*Kg rider at least twice a week and it didn't flinch once. A reasonable thing for moneys invested, and rode noice for something that only met first approval because of that shitty fake wicker basket attached to the thing.
  10. How political policy of all colour rosettes is decided upon to appease or align with popular opinion by using twitter and the red top's comments section as a beta test. How Trump most likely did win but biden will be president to save face on a world stage and as the rest of the world has gone "thank f**k we got rid of the guy that upset the apple cart" before Jan 20 there could never be a climb down now. To prove beyond reasonable doubt in such an environment will never happen and doing so would have to incriminate or perjure both sides. I think biden out-cheated trump, essentially. How ballroom prancing is entertainment, let alone successful as either a pastime or TV format. Actually, Anything that is indulged in by the masses - the mainstream I suppose. Popularity is not a de facto sign of quality. Any f**ker that spent thousands on watching game of thrones. Or bought prime for the grand tour. Baffling. People who engage in the water cooler gossip shows alluded above. They don't have the self awareness that they just want to be in a clique and bought all the subscriptions just so they can chat shit in the break room about what box set "You just absolooootely have to watch". Even if they did they couldn't admit it. Said people who label you a boring fanny because you know what the outdoors looks like. Them 49 pence-ish waste of earth's resources magazines that you get a in a display at checkouts - the one's by the "oh go on then" chocolate and sim cards for Lycamobile that have a paper quality they couldn't use for even the cheapest blue roll and have cover headlines like "I married my dog 'til he left me for the neighbour's budgie" over top of a frumpy Charlene, 53 from Kent. How it's unfathomable that i've only ever had 2 macdonalds in my life and I thought they were both shit. I buy the oreo/cadbury ice cream, & the coffee in a pinch. How "orrrh KFC gravy's banging laaaaad 'ow can a you not like Kayeffsee" Because they think gravy comes pissweak out of a bisto packet and now seem to have an orgasm over actual gravy. It's just chicken stock. That's it. That's what chicken gravy is. KFC's expensive shite. End of. How people consider iceland (the shop) cheap or in anyway good value. I can feed 3 of us for the price of that £5 processed turkey breadcrumb slop and still have change to put in the gas leccy interwebs jar. Football. All the carry on associated with the fringes of it. I've come to the conclusion that it must be the sports betting that is the enjoyment. And the clique-y tribalism. But not what is on the pitch/telly/big screen int' pub. The game of football that I observe for <60secs on TV is utter shite. How Gary Lineker is worth so much public money. All his job is is doing continuity announcing between the voxpops and roll VT. The lass I worked with that budgeted £3K for christmas. On her hours if she earned >7k takehome for the year I'll fall over in shock. Park and other christmas voucher clubs. Surely most of the people paying in are doing like ******* ^ and overspending or having ideas above their station. The idea that a holiday is not only a divine right of the 1st world but by that holiday not being on foreign shores you are a lesser person - usually recited from a girl who goes off somewhere like Croatian blackpool for fishbowls and getting f**ked 6 ways to sunday so they have somewhere to kip f'urt night. No one admitting that ^ is what 1st festivals and gap year's and goin' uni are about really - "I just really found myself y'know..." Bollocks.
  11. Slight backtrack in topic timewise I know but I've been offline so sue me. Do you have room in an MRS to do a (FC/FD RX7 esk) V mount of flat mount rad in the front? Then duct the airflow through, say a half size civic style ally rad (can you weld ally? You could go with a 3-4inch thick ebay core and make end tanks to fit...) and into a BFO set of origin/dmax/RE Amemiya/Pandem/2 dozen other bugger's style bonnet louvers? (nowt fancy like, just thinking couple grinder slits wit' 9 inch/stihl saw through the frunk then bent up with moleys/vice grips/channel locks, patch triangles tacked in at' sides and then possibly [fiber] 'glassed over to look like something - side ducting undert' frunk between frunk and rad could be plywood even, then seal the join between the frunk and your ducting with glazing tape) The article that pic is from is here ('as ye seen da size of dem tunnells boi?) I'd just take the scorch racing s15 as the instruction manual if I was in your position, and have fun with how ghettopikey I could get away with being whilst trying to copy/implement some of it. There is a pic somewhere of Under Suzuki crouched inside of one the tunnels after he [they] hacked out the back some more and went pushrod cantilever suspension but I couldn't recall where to find it. If you look at that ^ piccy there anything air that doesn't go though the rad and vents goes through mesh in the back of the box 'til it hits the (what happens to be inclined sheet metal in that car) firewall at which point it is told to get the f**k into the the tunnels. That seems to be the rule of thumb; if you absolutely must let airflow go through the car rather than over it get it collated, bitched into submission and ejected the f**k out faster than an senna infused E coli vindaloo. Be that louvers, arch cut outs, flat floor yada yada. The only difference to me is that you and @monkeyseemonkeydo can put it in maths and shit whereas I was deemed too dumb to be taught all that stuff in school
  12. Dunno how much traction this clip is getting as I'm not on socials; well, youtube: I guess you could construde YT as socials; well anyway, not on 'em and never was. Said clip did bring a wry smile across my face when it popped up on the homepage feed of my YT* and warmed the cockles of my jaded cynical anti establishment** heart as I watched it. FWIW if I had been eligible, there is NFW I'd of voted Biden. Deffo not a trumpite either though. Probs would have abstained to be honest. Maybe I'd vote for the people at a lower level of governance [like equivalent of our town councils] but yeah I feel like it'd be like our lot last time - Labour should be the go to where I live but never was comrade corbyn getting my cross, and the day I vote tory is the day my ancestor's smite me from the beyond. *I don't care a jot whether any of ^ is true, false or kinda both, for the record. ** I know quoting fox news about the ruling powers of a country of which I have no iron in the fire, and being naturally distrusting of power or establishment is ironic, trust me I'm no fan of the Murdochs. What I mean is that above video does nothing but galvanise my loathing and scorn of politicians, who (hyperbolically) all are self serving hypocrite invertebrates profiting on the (mis)fortunes of others and shit on any moral standpoints they claim to have (had) whenever they smell either the paycheck, grasp of power or P45 coming in)
  13. If you're watching kyle engineers then I guess you'll have seen this come up in your feed, and no doubt watched it, but nevertheless; MOTIVE VIDEO working man's/layman's aero "course"/feature. Featuring yer man's SR22VET S14 weapon. part one Part the second
  14. The reason I call in a "lockdown" in inverted is not because I want tighter controls (f***ing hell no) but because I listen to out of Ireland whenever I'm sat here at my desk, and the Taoiseach's decree is that no f**ker's allowed more than 5km from their place of residence, just for starters. It used to be 2km. As much as I've got a pout on about our tightening of a governmental control sphincter that'll never relax once they've a taste restrictions, I must, and am, be mindful that what the Irish appear to have, that is a lockdown. Now we could've (it's not beyond the realms of possibility, I mean) surely avoided a bunch of our predicament by doing what the manx did (and some of the scottish isles IIRC) and just up drawbridge - stop importing the problem and deal with internal containment. I know life is more difficult than that, and other cards are/were in play; but if anyone skimming this believes that all of 'em were for the good of usthepeople, then I've 10,000 Ghanaian lottery tickets to sell you, can I have your account no. & sort code please?