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  1. Bearing Fit is a threadlock, thread sealer and gap filler that has an anaerobic reaction and lightly glues the bearing/bolt/stud into place - google loc tite 638 for an example. To your hub question, provided I understand correctly, I'd just pull the spoke through (have done so many times on my hubs and wheels I've built for other people), trials gear can sometimes have er, "less than satisfactory" machining tolerances. The Clean stuff I've dealt with has always been on the better end on the scale, however. My because hub had the same problem on the Lo flange (Hi-Lo flange disc hub); Was a right bitch to rag the spokes through but that same hub has been in my inspired since 2012 with the only problems thus far being a snapped axle due to me being a tool and the OE china bearings being slightly turd around the 2yr mark.
  2. From my research at the time I was under the impression that my 60D was a merge of the gubbins from 7D & 600D/T3i with some concessions to fit a 600D case, with the 70D that followed being a significant step forward from that thanks to a raft of trickle down tech & then the 80D's advancements' had diminishing returns (price vs. gain). Don't hold me as gospel on that, but I'd swear black is white I read that somewhere. If true I'd say the 70D may be the better 2nd hand buy - I'd have had one but as I said I was buying the package, and my purchase filled the criteria i'd set myself.
  3. I ended up picking between these two earlier this year and plumbed for the 60D (flick back to page 49 in here and have a speedread) Given I wanted the full set up (body, lens, batteries, bag, yada yada) as a 1st DSLR a 7D was a bit pricey at that point; a body only on sniped on auction at sparrows fart o'clock might now be a different story. The 7d sounds like it would be a better photo taker but I too wanted the fold out screen of the 600D that was handed to me back when and I use the live mode loads when on a 3ft tall tripod instead of kneeling and craning my neck, setting up the bike/car/other and taking the shot hands off on remote 2sec timer with an ebay IR remote, meaning my rickety Asda tripod still has some life left in it yet. I find Live mode also means in other applications I can kneel instead if sitting, sit instead of lying down and so on. Another instance would be the batch of shots I did for my mate's daughter's christening by hiding slumped down in the back row of pews and sneakily holding the cam overhead looking at the tilted screen in live view and the drive mode on low key dugga dugga. Doing skateboard vid tracking shots ont end of a handle or inverted tripod is guesswork with a fixed screen too.
  4. Would this do you?
  5. Here is an extract of my day. You lot might like it. ...Ring Ring, Ring Ring...Ring Ring...Ring Ring...some more f***ing Ring Ring... (sounds tired as all hell) "Hurrr-low?" "Hello it's [multinational DIY chain I represent] store deliveries, I'm trying to trace a Mrs ******" "Yer?" "We have a delivery today going to [customers address], is that correct? (sounds indecisive) "Yur." Great. We are on the way with your [insignificant pissy part order of what is likely to be a kitchen order worth £££££] and are going to be approximately 20 to 25 minutes. Is that OK and are you available to accept delivery?" "Well i'm 4000 miles away in Canada, so, er, no." For. F**k. Sake.
  6. Well it weren't @Tony Harrison's special friend. Landed on a canon 60D as it retains the movable screen of xx0D canons and has some of gubbinsm weather sealing and features of the 7D DrEvil recommended, making what I believe to be a nice middle ground and all rounder. Got a 17-85USM lens, charger, a spare battery, all the booklets/discs and a lowepro bag to boot. Hopefully that'll do until I work out what I want next - actually it'll have to as that's all my spending pennys gone til the 25th!
  7. Target acquired. My face whilst pressing that blue button felt it looked like this. Now I've got that same nervous buzz that you get in the aftermath of oh so nearly eating it when you miss the front wheel on a sidehop or heading straight towards a tree on the mtb at point blank range
  8. All your comments are being taken on board lads. I want to have a setup that has the capability to produce this (even if I can't) ©Stephen Davison but have the budget for something that could be described as this. I jest... Ultimately I'm wanting to do prada on an asda budget, as an Irishman I know would say. I'll get there though. Shame Aldi don't do copy canons eh?
  9. Certainly is worth a thought. Mirrorless also suits the travelling requirements rather well, size and weight wise it's like a better version of my bridge cam i guess?
  10. Because idly flicking through said retailer's catalogs was the nub of the idea in the 1st place. Convenience of aftercare is a consideration also, but not the be all & end all. 150 beans off though is quite a chunk off a cam I'd ideally have but I thought was out of range £££wise. That 70-300mm offered with the 700D as well as the usual 18-55 was what drew me in to be honest, I think I'd be happier long term with the 750D, but again thought I couldn't stump up the coin. Have you used that site then @MadManMike or was that just off google? And would you recommend?? (Hear that? That's a sound of shit getting real way too fast and the part of my brain that goes "arrgh f*** it you know you want to" winning the powerstruggle that is my head )
  11. (I'd like to run a hypothetical past the group, if you would.) You would like/are willing to splash what is still rather strong money at this point in life going down the no doubt irreversible rabbit hole that is making the jump from your capable, loved, best you could afford at the time, but ageing bridge camera (F u j i S L 2 4 0) that you feel you are pushing the limits of, to a DSLR. You are not even remotely Larry Chen but would like to take pretty pics of summer car and bike shows, motorsports (potential TT/MGP/Manx Rally trips etc.), the odd camera in bag wander to nowhere in particular (resulting in pint-on-picnic-bench shots, landscapes, sunsets, that kinda sh*te). I might even take piccys and HD video of them stupid bikes with no seats that need to oil their brakes, don't know if you've ever seen them or not. So, as a starting point for your 1st big boy camera bag, do you pick: A. Nikon D3400 w/18-55 kit lens (NOT VR). £329 out the door with a clickncollect voucher code for 100 pounds off but scared of being dissatisfied long term in a buy cheaper buy twice scenario. Scrubbed because there is no input for external mic. Forgot about that. Mirrorless will now be in the running also. B. Nikon D5300 18/55 kit lens £549 C. Eos 700D, 18/55 AND 75/300mm kit lenses (definite front runner I have to admit; Feels like the natural step from the 600D/T3i I have been handed the use of when "ere yar lad, film this for us yer" was being uttered in my direction a few years back) Also £549. D. Eos 750D 18/55 kit lens. £599 All from the same high street retailer, 5 letters, blue and red livery, begins with A. Looking into buying flash guns, batteries and a grip. a prime lens or 2, polariser/filters and possibly some fisheye action in the not distant future, but I need to take the 1st leap before all that carry on happens. Want this to be a "forever" purchase too, as I've outgrown the cam I have now [took the greater part of 5yrs I might add], and the stage after this (eos 5Dmk3 for example) is completely unobtainable for me at the mo - I'd have to setup a pay for prints FB business just to pay for the damn camera! Opinions please. Cheers, Ciaran.
  12. I'm making a right bollocks of this aren't I? @forteh Close. 9spd pro2 old has 15mm od axle, the 9spd pro2 EVO driver I have has bigger bearings with a 17mm Id (factory spec). The aim of the game is to step down the driver to fit a pro2 old, in such a way that the sleeve bodge acts like the proper axle would, and make up a hub from odds and ends. The sleeve spinning and making a gauled up mess was my main concern. Cheers boys.
  13. The application is/was increasing the axle diameter to fit a later model freehub body with larger I.D. bearings (the only difference to the fitment), so I can make up another "bitsa" hub. If the sleeve can be fixed to the axle then as far as the bearings are concerned they are running on the correct axle and will work as designed. However if I could buy the correct late model axle or early model freehub body later down the line I would remove the jerry riggery and make everything proper again. I mean if I wanted be real bodgey I could PVC tape the snot out of the axle and slap everything together, but I'm trying to be better than that... In retrospect I was massively over thinking the job. I have yet to put theory into practice as the hub I was buying fell through but I definately think a combination of the 16x1 tube and @forteh's 641 bearing fit, or more acurately whatever brand I have in the draw when it comes time, ought to work just fine.
  14. Alright peoples, i've got a quick question for you as all them answers the seach engines are returning go flying straight over my practically-capable-but-never-done-A levels-or-any-of-that-guff brain. I'm sure there are people on here who know this sort of backwards so, if you please; What would be the (perhaps ballpark) rate of contraction in aluminium (in this case a 15mmOD, 2mm wall hub axle) when frozen to minus 16C (the coldest the house freezer goes to on fast freeze)? And, how much would the 15mmOD 2mm wall Alu sleeve i am going to make expand under heat from a butane/propane mix plumbers torch? I don't know the temperature the torch is capable of but suffice to say I plan to heat the snot of it. All of this is in aid of making a good hot/cold interferance fit, but not so tight that the sleeve cannot be removed in the future, In case anyone was wondering. I have the option of using 16mmOD 1mm wall tubing for the sleeve but fear that would have to be epoxied to the axle; A process that has given me mixed results in the past and would be a right b*tch to remove later down the line. Thanks as ever.