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The 2007 National Bike Show At The Birmingham Nec Arena


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Hey guys i have just found out the dates for this years bike show 28th-29th april ticket information is on this link BIKE SHOW is there any other information about the event as i cannot find anymore and i have not had chance to purchase this months MBUK as it would be advertising by now.

Ill see you all there.


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I was wondering if you can buy any thing at the show. :D

Yea course you can. Companies pay like £2000 just to ptich there, they gotta' get the money back from somewhere!! haha

When i went to bike 05 i got a monty jersey half price just because it was a display one and it was the last day!.

Don't forget freebies :turned:

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I went to the 2004 it was really good the trials demos were amazing having some of the worlds best riders there and the almighty koxx team. You can pick up loads of bargains on bike parts, clothing and other stuff. Dont forget all the freebies such as the cool stickers, keyrings and the free goody bag when you leave with all new random food/drink products.

Its worth going


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i havent been to the bike show for about 5 years. but i think i wil have to go this year ^_^ does anyone know if there is going to be a trials demo or anything going on???

I asked about it in Trials chat a while ago, can't say the replies were very helpful.

Apparently Ashton will be there.

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