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Aorta Vid 1

matt rushton

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some good riding there matty, crap editing though and shite camera angels, dent show how good you was at all. Next time film street lol and get better camera angles so you can see your moves fully and dont show you hoping around before the move. but good vid though (Y)

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few nice smooth lines there. good goin.

i dont know how you can run that bar and stem set up i tryed the exact same and it felt horrible!!! im running 90mm stem with 0 rise with 2.5 inch risers and it feels amazin!!! suppose its personal preference really in it.

did you film that on your phone???

My stem is a 90,10 not sure about bars though, and no it was film using a camera.

More comments please

Matt Rushton

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its really difficult to make natural look "good" unless you know what to look for in lines that are being done its not as easy to say yeah thats amazing. by which i mean; on street lining up for a sidehop u can judge the height against the bars, natural lines tend to be more technical where a riders skill and balance is tested more. some angles were not too bad, but again filming and editting natural is very difficult, good choice of song though i thought it fitted riding well

more variation in this video though than some others on here, you are a quality rider and will comprehensively beat me in tykes this year!

get a proper vid sorted soon now weather is gettin nicer (ha!)

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